Friday, May 10, 2013

5 Star Reads of April

5-Star Picks of the Month


With April over, spring is clearly in the air. The days are longer and the sun is brighter so we can spend our afternoons with a book perhaps!! Last month a reoccuring theme in my reading revovled around characters facing their own personal demons, obviously they are all 5 Stars thus highly recommended...!!!

*****5 Star Picks*****

Off Limits (Off Series #2) by: Sawyer Bennett

"Everyone who read Off Sides should definitely read Off Limits. And even if you haven’t read it, I would recommend this book. Off Limits has everything from a motorcycle driving bad boy to a smart mouth journalism student with controlling parents. The two don’t seem to mesh on the outside but the road to happiness for the two was very enjoyable to witness and I hope there is more in store for these characters."

Wanted (Wanted #1) by: Kelly Elliott

"What I really enjoyed was the romance between Ellie and Gunner. I swear most times, they are thinking the same thoughts, as if they are literally one being separated in two. Gunner really makes their romance one of the fairy-tale variety.  His gestures know no bounds and vary from carriages, to practically ordering a shop’s entire stock of daisies just to make a moment and place more special for Ellie."

Saved (Wanted #2) by: Kelly Elliott
GR ~ Amazon ~ BN ~ My Review 

"To say this book is an emotional disaster and will tear you up is an understatement. It's as if everything just keeps getting progressively worse for these characters. Every step forward puts them a mile back.
All that aside I flippin LOVED Saved. God, it's warped my mind. I'm not usually one to like a combo of so many POV's but these characters have a way of becoming family and their drama is your drama. No matter how bad shit is, you just keep trucking right along with them."
Twisted Perfection (Perfection #1) by: Abbi Glines
GR ~ Amazon ~ BN ~ My Review 

"The beginning of Twisted Perfection will hook you right away. One sit read this one is. Make sure you got a beverage nearby, because saying Woods is a take charge lover is a bit of an understatement. The sex=beyond HOTT. And your love for Woods will only grow. Trust me, this boy has naughty dreams all over him, and I can’t wait till he shows up in mine."

Unlovable (Port Fare #1) by: Sherry Gammon
"The blurb gives much of the story away, but don't let it fool you. There is enough mystery and intrigue mixed in that the details and secrets you know going in only exacerbate the drama and tension within the story."

Wounded by: Jasinda Wilder   

"If you’re also a fan of Falling Into You, let me warn you, Wounded is nothing like it. Sure it has it’s heartbreaking moments, but Wounded is dark, twisted and magnificently beautiful. I warn you though; this book is not for everyone as Rania must do some crazy things to survive. The setting for the majority of the story is Iraq and Jasinda Wilder holds nothing back. Wounded is not like watching the war on TV, no it’s like being stranded in a crumbling building waiting to see if you survive the next missile or shot from an automatic assault rifle."


Series of the Month
 Ruining Me and Ruining You by: Nicole Reed
Ruining Me - GR ~ Amazon ~ BN ~ My Review .
Ruining You - GR ~ Amazon ~ BN
 "I take back every time I called a book an emotional roller-coaster. They have nothing on Ruining You and Ruining Me. These books will catch you by your hair and throw you repeatedly against the wall till you can’t move. There are many plot points similar to those in other books but none of that matters because it is uniquely its’ own. Think Captive in the Dark minus the torture and kidnapping, Taking Chances and Thoughtless without the cheating love-affair and Find You in the Dark without an emotionally unstable male lead."


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