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Without Hesitation Blog Stop with Promo & Excerpt

Title: Without Hesitation (Without #3)
Author:CJ Azevedo
Release Date: July 19. 2014

http://amzn.to/1zV33eKBlurb ~ At eleven years old, Macie James was certain she saw her prince standing in her kitchen with his rosy cheeks and cute smile. She was going to marry that boy, she had no doubt about it. As she became a teenager, it was that boy who taught her how to become a confident and sure woman. As the years went by and they grew up, he taught her how to love and to be loved.

Greyden Michaels was surprised when he fell for his best friend’s little sister. He wasn’t opposed to it and, even more surprising, neither was his best friend. When he was in college and her just in high school, he realized they were too young to be committed, he opted for friendship with her and together they decided their love was for the future.

When you hesitate, life happens. When life happens, your plans change. Macie wanted her fairy tale and Greyden was prepared to give it to her when unfortunate events changed his whole life, including his future with the UFC and, most devastatingly, with her. Macie made the decision to live her life, to move on without Greyden, especially once she met the man who wanted to marry her and give her the life he couldn’t.

The problem with that was that Greyden had always seen her as his. Could he give her up completely for her supposed happiness or could he somehow manage to get his life in order to try and win her back, heart and soul?

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http://amzn.to/1zV33eK“I can’t make you mine right now, Macie.” He sounded dejected.

“I know,” she whispered across his lips, this time pressing her mouth against his.

“I don’t trust anybody else with you,” he said as she deepened the kiss a little more, but he wasn’t letting her fully in.

She licked his top lip and a small groan came out against his wishes. “I know, Sugar Plum.” She kissed just his bottom lip; being the only participant in the kiss was becoming challenging.

Greyden laughed. “Noooo.” He gripped her face, stopping her ministrations. She scrunched up her nose at him. “Macie, remember our plans?”

She nodded. How could she forget? They had a future together, just not a present.

He tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. “I promise to keep my mouth shut if you want to date, if you promise to date guys your own age and to be smart.”

Macie’s shoulders sagged in disappointment. That’s not where she was hoping he was going to go with that. “Grey, I don’t—”

“Butterfly,” he slides a finger to her lips effectively shushing her, “I wish I could be that guy for you right now, but I can’t. I know that others can’t either, but apparently you’re going to have to figure that one out on your own. That’s why I ask that you wait ‘til you’re eighteen for the major stuff. Because, Butterfly…God. Macie James, you’re not the girl guys screw around with. You’re the girl guys marry. You’re the girl I’m going to marry.”

Macie gasped in complete shock at his words. Stunned speechless. What does one say to that anyway?

Thankfully, she didn’t have to think too long. Greyden slid off the truck, coming in close contact along her body, not letting her back up. He leaned down, his lips hovering over hers momentarily, just barely brushing them before pressing the sweetest kiss to her hyper aware lips. His lips were soft and warm and Macie wanted to pull him even closer than he already was and open up to him, but that’s not the kind of kiss he was giving her. No, he was giving her a kiss of a promise, a promise of a future, of a friendship and of a love that will only bloom with time, that’s what this kiss was. It was kind of heartbreaking on her end. It may be what he wanted and needed right now, but he just told her he was going to marry her, yet she couldn’t really kiss him, or have him.

Our Review of Without Boundaries

Bailey Hayes has a past that is currently affecting her present. Ten years ago she made a decision that suited her at the time. Now because of that decision she finds herself extremely successful in her chosen career but extremely unhappy in a relationship she thought was her forever.

Bailey met, fell in love with and moved in with Hollister Harrison six short months after meeting him. Hollister's true colors shine through epically when he no longer has his personal space to contain them.

Talon McAllister loves his family, his family's marketing firm that he runs along side his sister and the game of hockey. He plays hard and works even harder but leaves no room for any one woman exclusively. That is until he meets the lovely and ultimately sexy Bailey.

Can Talon convince Bailey that her twisted sense of loyalty and commitment to her boyfriend is absolutely unnecessary and dangerous?

Will Bailey miss out on the greatest love she will ever know due to fear of repeating her past of quick decision making?Or will Talon show Bailey that she can live and love without boundaries?
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20427347-without-boundaries        http://amzn.to/1uVkvdG       http://bit.ly/1lKtC1l 

Our Review of Without Doubt
Ava Sterling is tough and the most straight laced girl you will ever meet. Her family and her past have managed to alter her future permanently and she has no desire to allow anyone else into her life or her heart for fear of rejection or further altering. Ava is alone in the world with the exception of the grandest responsibility she did not create on her own but on her own she will carry for the rest of her life.

Declan James is a MMA fighter, party all night kind of guy. Responsibility is nowhere to be found in his life or so he allows everyone around him to believe. Coming from wealth and a carefree lifestyle, Declan gets what he wants, always. And what he wants is Ava. In his pursuit of getting what he wants, Ava in his bed, his plan changes quickly without his consent. Against his plans of being the next hot bachelor to cross the tabloids as he makes his way to being the Ultimate Light Heavyweight Champion, Declan falls in love. He falls in love without hesitation and without doubt.
Neither Declan nor Ava are aware that fate has inconveniently intertwined their lives forever. Will they be able to survive the aftermath of the truth?
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20431295-without-doubt       http://amzn.to/1lKtlvl     http://bit.ly/1inZw3t     http://bit.ly/1lii04F

Being a dreamer her whole life, CJ had big plans as a child to move to New York and live the city life. She wanted to escape the small country town she grew up in and be an independent woman. The dreaming never stopped, changed a little but never stopped. Instead she married a boy from that small country town and decided to somewhat travel together. One day, living in Northern California they decided to pack up and move to Texas, just because. That’s where she resides today doing what she loves the most… mothering her children, loving her Husband and living vicariously through all of the stories she gets to create and write up daily. 

https://www.facebook.com/pages/CJ-Azevedo-Author/348248455274917?ref=hl      https://twitter.com/AzevedoCJ       http://www.amazon.com/CJ-Azevedo/e/B00H19781W      https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7074225.C_J_Azevedo

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Trust Review

July 23. 2014

by:Terry Towers

Gwen Anderson is the jewel of her hometown. She comes from a great family and has a future at Stanford University to look forward to... until the night she is abducted by masked men with the intention of selling her to the highest bidder, leaving the people in her town heartbroken and desperate for answers on her disappearance.

Lance Winters is the son of the man called “The Boss.” He's gradually being introduced to the “family business” with the intent of him becoming the right-hand man of his father's human trafficking organization. Little does his father know, Lance has his own agenda when it comes to the organization that has taken his father over a decade to build.

When Lance is assigned to train Gwen, to make her the perfect slave for sale, he's hesitant. He can't become emotionally tied to the slaves or it could ruin his plans. Training new slaves isn't part of his agenda, but there is something about her sweet innocence that touches him and the thought of any of the monsters working for his father touching her is unthinkable.

Is it possible for Lance to gain the young woman's trust and perhaps even save her life when he's one of the bad guys keeping her from everything she's ever known and loved? Can she ever understand that sometimes it takes an even bigger monster to stop a monster?


My Review &=Rating 

4.5 Dark & Delicious Stars
Copy provided by Author for Honest Review
Trust has officially blown my mind…. Trust ME!!! Aside from a rushed and a bit far-fetched ending I could not put this book down. I knew the general plot revolved around trafficking and that this was a dark read. When the author offered a copy for review I could not resist, sometimes these dark reads are more than just a look into the reality of the darker side of life but also offer a ray of hope and that is exactly what was delivered.

“You can’t blame me for being upset. They’ve taken everything from me and hurt everyone I love.” - Gwen
Our heroine Gwen is an all around popular girl, head of her cheerleading squad and ready to face new challenges in her life such as college. Unfortunately for Gwen deciding to walk home from her boyfriends’ house makes it easier for her to be abducted. Once she wakes up, reality sinks in and what surrounds her is naked girls, quivering in cages all wondering the same thing, why me? I won’t go into the details of Gwen’s initiation, as you can imagine being kidnapped is hard enough but being kidnapped to be used and sold as a sex slave takes on a whole new meaning of horror.
Gwen is forced to do despicable things, but when it’s that or her life, what choice does she have? Somehow someway light is brought into her life in the form of the Boss’s son Lance. When Gwen is handed to him on a platter for training, she never expects feelings to develop nor for them to be reciprocated.
“You’re more addicting than crack to me.” - Lance
Lance was an enigma. A cold man hardened by the world he lived. But even Lance had hope for a better future, a life away from this hell and together they can make it happen if only they can continue to survive.
Obviously with this being a dark read, there are many hardcore elements involved such as rape, abuse, murder and  kidnapping but at the same time there is also love, redemption and revenge. I am sad the book is over, I wanted more from Gwen and Lance, especially near the end. Everything wrapped up a little too easily and fast for my liking. I think an extended epilogue or epilogue ten years down the road would have made me happier but it in no way made me feel differently towards the book. I enjoyed this book from page one where I was immediately sucked into this horrible world and kept on the edge of my seat with my fingers and toes crossed hoping for the best and cringing at the worst. As my first novel from this author I am now eagerly awaiting more from her dark mind. Pleasantly surprised and pleased with this book and maybe even hoping for a sequel (hint… hint)!!!!


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Book Signing Things to Know

 8 Things Every Signing Attendee should know
by Crystal from :
❧ Over the past two years I have been blogging about books. My blog is PEACE LOVE BOOKS and I’ve learned a lot about authors, tours, building relationships etc. In that time I’ve also been fortunate enough to attend about 6-7 book signing events. Let me tell you, for a book fan, there is nothing better than meeting your favorite author, getting signed books and swag, chatting with fellow book fans and learning about new authors and books to add to our never-ending T-B-R on Goodreads. I wouldn’t call myself a pro or even a signing master, I’ll leave that to the outgoing women who put these events together. All the hard work they put in for one event that often times doesn’t last a whole day is astounding. 

If you’ve ever attended a signing, then you know how crazy things can get. Sometimes it’s overwhelming when you get there no matter how much you plan ahead of time. Authors tables often overflow with fans and swag so getting your spot at the table may be a bit of a fight, but remember we’re all there for the same reason and a little courtesy goes a long way. So to help you plan or probably just LOL, here’s a list I put together to help prepare you for an upcoming signing.
If any of you ladies are attending the NYC Signing in July I shall see you there. Be sure to stop by and say hi. Maybe throw in some of your own ideas I may have missed. 

8 Things Every Signing Attendee should know

✤ Plan-coordinate – One of the first things I do when I know I am attending an author signing is prepare for who I am going to see. I check all the books by those authors, add them to be read, if there is enough time before the event, and create a page for them in my special Author Notebook (adding little graphics of the books covers and author name). Knowing which authors I will be seeing makes it easier to determine what or should I say who is more important. If I know X-author will be there and they are beyond popular at this time, then maybe I’ll stop and see them first so I don’t miss out. On the day of or night before the event, check and see if you can find a seating chart. This will make your life easier and you can use the chart as a checklist of sorts so you know who’s left.
✤ divide & conquer – The Buddy System is the best idea for a large signing. If you can finagle a non-book lover to attend with you, you’re even better off since they won’t be off doing their own thing. Depending on the size of the event and the number of authors, you may want to decide which authors you need to meet and which you can handle just a autograph from, send your friends on their merry way, doing your bidding and collecting swag while you’re free to chat with your favorite authors and fan-girl all without a witness who would probably hold it against you. I’ve seen boyfriends carrying suitcases full of books for their GF’s, if those women can talk their men into being their luggage boys, surely you can find someone to help. (Be warned that bringing a backpack is NOT the best idea. If you’re getting books signed and tons of swag, that adds up and your back will not be happy. A rolling suitcase or backpack is ideal since you can still carry it if you so choose.) 

✤ check prices – If at all possible see if authors will be selling copies of their books at the signing. Some do and some only have limited quantities or only certain books from a series. If you’re particular like I am, it’s best to research as much as you can. If there is enough time to have books shipped to you I suggest checking with your preferred book seller, mine is Amazon, and price out the book. Author’s often will charge full price for the book at these events, so if you’re looking to buy multiple books, saving even a little bit of money is  key.
✤ fan & hydration – After attending the insane Authors In the City Event in March I wished I was better prepared for the staggering amount of people crammed into one small space. The heat and smells coming off us all was not always pleasant but being in such close quarters made it hard to escape. Don’t let the fact that the AC was not working fool you either, there was so many people a mouse couldn’t have gotten through. Thus plan for the heat. Plan for 500 people crammed in one room. Bring water, know where water fountains are and even bring a handheld fan if you can. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.
✤ Be an Individual – Remember your favorite author’s are just people too. They are typically generous and grateful to fans and want to share the love. Be yourself and stand out. I’ve seen fans bringing authors gifts. Things I’d never expect like personalized blankets, bags, cards and more often than not hugs. Authors are huge huggers so have at em.’ Feel free to advertise for yourself if need be. Bloggers can bring business cards to hand out or wear personalized t-shirts. Even if you have a business, rock it, I’m sure someone will ask you about it. 

late arrival – Sometimes being the first attendee to enter the signing is not the best idea. Often times everyone wants to get right in (if there are no set times) and these events can resemble the mad rush of Black Friday shopping.  Not to mention Authors are a lot more generous near the end of the event. If you’re a Blogger you may be in luck since more often than not, author’s do not want to lug all their books back home with them and you can be the lucky recipient of a free copy.  Many times the last hour of the signing is fairly dead. If interested this may give you more time to chat one-on-one with your favorites. 

feel free to ask questions – If you’re like me then getting lost is an art.  Falling on your face in the middle of a crowded NYC street is an everyday occurrence. Luckily I’ve been able to actually find each event unscathed and even certain authors within the event. Don’t let your clumsiness or cluelessness stop you. Everyone I’ve met ,even strangers in the city, were remarkably helpful. Fellow book fans will go out of their way to help you so don’t be afraid to ask for directions or anything else you need. Your day is supposed to be filled with fun, don’t let anything bring you down.
 Adventrue Time – New experiences, new authors, new people, city etc Take it all in, make a day of it.

Network/Make Friends I’ve seen bloggers and fans give authors blankets, purses, you name it. If you have a talent, don’t be afraid to share it.  Being surrounded by so many book fanatics is not something that happens every day so take an initiative to meet someone new. There is nothing like meeting online buddies that you’ve chatted with for hours on end about the probability of actually meeting your own Travis, Gideon, Mason etc.. Make new friends, befriend an author, the sky’s really the limit when so many people just like you are crowded into one space.
Most importantly…… Have Fun

For more from Me, Check me out @ dorkstatus.blogspot.com

peace love & happy reading!!!

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La Cosa Nostra Blog Tour with Excerpt, Review, Promo and Giveaway

Title: La Cosa Nostra: This Thing of Ours
Author: Amie Nichols
Release Date: July 11. 2014

This is a standalone book meant for mature readers.
Harper Troy, like most students, was working her way through college barely making it by. She hears about an opening at a well known gentleman’s club, The Guardian, ran by a very well known Chicago Family, the Tarseta’s. Even though the uniform is very revealing and the other waitresses are catty bitches, the money is worth it. Until she meets the youngest Tarseta, Liam. He’s Chicago’s most eligible bachelor and drop dead gorgeous. She feels an instant attraction. Being a known playboy, Harper fights the attraction and his advances. Liam has his eyes on Harper the moment he sees her. Being different and not falling for his charms, he is determined to break her down. But Harper refuses to be another notch on his bed post. Just when Liam is breaking down Harper’s barriers, he learns some shocking news that changes everything. Can he make her see they are meant to be together, or will he lose her forever?


la cosa nostra blog tour
I had just popped the tab of my Diet Coke when the door opens. Like déjà vu, Liam enters the locker room, except this time I am sitting with my legs crossed and fully clothed. "I just wanted to make sure you were all right," Liam says in his ridiculously sexy voice. Jesus, what is with this guy? 

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?" I ask, sounding maybe a little harsher than I had planned. 

"My father was very rude. I wanted to apologize for his candor," he says, all debonair and provocatively. "I think my uncle Matty has a huge crush on you." He chuckles. 

"He's old enough to be my father," I say bluntly, with a little disgust. 

"Ouch! I won't tell him you said that." He winces. "You're really not interested, though?" he asks and I just shrug. "Yeah, really." "It's just that most of the girls who work here would be jumping at the chance to land my Uncle." 

Liam just exudes sex in everything he says. I want to yell at him, "You have got to be kidding me, stop talking and fuck me already!" I feel my face turn hot at my thoughts and turn my head away from him. "Well, Mr. Tarseta, I am not like most girls," I say, not looking at his black lust filled eyes. 

"I am seeing that."

 "What is that supposed to mean?" I shoot back. 

"It's that you flirt just enough with patrons, but not enough that you are advertising something is for sale." He steps further into the room and sits next to me on the bench. He's close, close enough I can smell his expensive cologne, and holy fuck does he smell good. My breath hitches and I let out a gasp as I feel the heat radiating between us.

"Mr. Tarseta, I'm not for sale," I say, taking a drink of my Diet Coke, my mouth suddenly very dry.

"Ms. Troy, everything is for sale for the right price," he says low, almost in a whisper. I stand, feeling the need to put some distance between us. 

 "That is your opinion, but I assure you that there is no number large enough that can buy me," I tell him still avoiding those black eyes. 

 "So you are saying that nothing can buy you, nothing at all." He stands, inching his way closer. I feel the electric sparks bouncing off of me. I swallow hard as the smell of him fills my nostrils, I feel him watching the hollow of my neck. 

 "I am not a possession to be bought, Mr. Tarseta. Besides, why would you want me anyway, you have tons of girls just itching for you to own them." 

"Well, first off..." He lets out one of his low sexy chuckles, "I don't ever remember saying I wanted you." Ouch, now that hurt. I feel about two feet tall. He stands there cool as a cucumber, while I'm a hot mess of nerves and lust

 "I didn't mean to insinuate that you did..." I stutter, trying desperately to repair this very embarrassing moment. I turn to my locker to look for something, anything to distract me. I find my phone and pretend to read a text, also trying to pretend he is no longer in the room. 

 "Second, Ms. Troy, if I did want you, I would have you." He leans down close to my ear, so close I can feel his hot breath. Okay, that's it, I am not a toy for you to play with. "Well, I guess it's a good thing you don't want me, because I assure you, Mr. Tarseta, you would not have me if you did," I snap, slamming my locker door. With a huff, I walk around the bench to avoid having to touch Liam as I exit the locker room. What nerve, what an arrogant asshole.

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4 Italian Goodness Stars
July 22. 2014

Copy provided by Author for Honest Review

I can see why so many people said this would be a hard book to review. The first half told from Harper’s POV I thought I had pegged but the second half changes the setting and POV to Liam making them seem like two separate parts. 

This was a very quick read, I finished in a matter of hours. I do wish the story was more fleshed out. Everything seemed to happen at hyper speed from Liam and Harper hooking up to declaring their love for the other. There wasn’t too much personal information flying around, in fact I find it ironic that Harper wonders about Liam’s age and neither us nor her ever finds out. 

The first half of the novel told from Harper’s POV takes place in a club owned by Liam’s family, the feared and possibly criminal Tarseta family. Liam immediately catches Harper’s eye when she starts working at the club and after a few eye f*ck sessions later and snarky comments the two are going at it like there’s no tomorrow. 
The second half consists of a misunderstanding that separates the two and Liam must ride in to save the day, in his Viper no less. Unlike the first half which takes place in the city of Chicago, Harper’s home in Iowa on a farm controls the second half, something the spoiled hot Italian Liam is nowhere near familiar with. The second half was much more thrilling with Harper’s overprotective brothers swooping in and trying to protect their little sister. Liam is no scaredy cat and has no problem declaring his feelings. 

Considering how much story there was I think there was a bit too much sex. I wanted more information, more details and I would have loved if the story was longer with a few more twists thrown in. The ending seemed to fly by and before I knew it it was over. 

Overall this was definitely an insta-love story with a fast paced plotline that will leave you wanting more. If you’re looking for a quick read and a hunky Italian, I certainly suggest checking this out. I know the title is confusing many people and though there are mob ties that come to play in the end, Liam’s family, at least in Chicago is not part of this drama and the La Cosa Nostra is actually a book Harper picks up on an Italian crime family. Again this was a quick read, without a lot of drama, so if that interests you I certainly you suggest you pick it up and enjoy. 

 Author Info
amie nicholsI live in Iowa with my amazing, supportive husband. He is my rock and my king, and treats me like all woman should be treated. (Like a spoiled Queen) I have two miniature dachshund's that are my babies, and they love to keep me company when I am writing away on my next WIP. I'm about to publish my 6th book, and can hardly believe how my life has changed. I'm called an author, and still can't believe it. I've have met some amazing woman on my journey so far, and have learned so much. (Sometimes the hard way.) I've been like a sponge soaking up all the information I can on how the publishing world works. It's been a rollercoaster ride so far with its ups and its downs. No matter what, I will never regret anything I've done. You can't succeed if you don't try, and if you don't try you won't succeed. One of my favorite quotes "If the dream is big enough the facts don't matter". Some other info about me, I love my family, friends, wine and anything caffeinated. I also love writing HEA. For the same reason I won't watch a movie that I know will make me cry, (with the exception of Steel Magnolias) I will never write a book without a HEA. There might be a few twists and turns, a cliffhanger or two. But ultimately my stories will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. For me, reading is entertainment, a way to escape this crazy insane world. If a book leaves me feeling sad, mad or gut wrenched, it is not for me. There is enough gut-wrenching sadness in this world, I don't need to read about it too. I started writing 3 years ago, and have no plans on stopping. So keep your eye on me because with the help of some amazing people and my wonderful fans, this girl is going to be on the New York Times best selling list someday.

Author Links

1 Signed Copy of La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours
2 Winners: Custom made La Cosa Nostra keychain made by the Word Wenches
1 Winner: Custom made La Cosa Nostra ribbon book thong made by the Word Wenches
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1 ecopy of La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours
$10 Amazon Gift card
amie_book cover full jacket
Amie and us Word Wenches would like to thank all of the bloggers who helped to make this blog tour a HUGE success and for all of their hard work and the reviews that will be posted over this next week. You can see the tour schedule here for the entire week and check out all the reviews. Like their blogs and follow them while you are there.
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