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Trust Review

July 23. 2014

by:Terry Towers

Gwen Anderson is the jewel of her hometown. She comes from a great family and has a future at Stanford University to look forward to... until the night she is abducted by masked men with the intention of selling her to the highest bidder, leaving the people in her town heartbroken and desperate for answers on her disappearance.

Lance Winters is the son of the man called “The Boss.” He's gradually being introduced to the “family business” with the intent of him becoming the right-hand man of his father's human trafficking organization. Little does his father know, Lance has his own agenda when it comes to the organization that has taken his father over a decade to build.

When Lance is assigned to train Gwen, to make her the perfect slave for sale, he's hesitant. He can't become emotionally tied to the slaves or it could ruin his plans. Training new slaves isn't part of his agenda, but there is something about her sweet innocence that touches him and the thought of any of the monsters working for his father touching her is unthinkable.

Is it possible for Lance to gain the young woman's trust and perhaps even save her life when he's one of the bad guys keeping her from everything she's ever known and loved? Can she ever understand that sometimes it takes an even bigger monster to stop a monster?

My Review &=Rating 

4.5 Dark & Delicious Stars
Copy provided by Author for Honest Review
Trust has officially blown my mind…. Trust ME!!! Aside from a rushed and a bit far-fetched ending I could not put this book down. I knew the general plot revolved around trafficking and that this was a dark read. When the author offered a copy for review I could not resist, sometimes these dark reads are more than just a look into the reality of the darker side of life but also offer a ray of hope and that is exactly what was delivered.

“You can’t blame me for being upset. They’ve taken everything from me and hurt everyone I love.” - Gwen
Our heroine Gwen is an all around popular girl, head of her cheerleading squad and ready to face new challenges in her life such as college. Unfortunately for Gwen deciding to walk home from her boyfriends’ house makes it easier for her to be abducted. Once she wakes up, reality sinks in and what surrounds her is naked girls, quivering in cages all wondering the same thing, why me? I won’t go into the details of Gwen’s initiation, as you can imagine being kidnapped is hard enough but being kidnapped to be used and sold as a sex slave takes on a whole new meaning of horror.
Gwen is forced to do despicable things, but when it’s that or her life, what choice does she have? Somehow someway light is brought into her life in the form of the Boss’s son Lance. When Gwen is handed to him on a platter for training, she never expects feelings to develop nor for them to be reciprocated.
“You’re more addicting than crack to me.” - Lance
Lance was an enigma. A cold man hardened by the world he lived. But even Lance had hope for a better future, a life away from this hell and together they can make it happen if only they can continue to survive.
Obviously with this being a dark read, there are many hardcore elements involved such as rape, abuse, murder and  kidnapping but at the same time there is also love, redemption and revenge. I am sad the book is over, I wanted more from Gwen and Lance, especially near the end. Everything wrapped up a little too easily and fast for my liking. I think an extended epilogue or epilogue ten years down the road would have made me happier but it in no way made me feel differently towards the book. I enjoyed this book from page one where I was immediately sucked into this horrible world and kept on the edge of my seat with my fingers and toes crossed hoping for the best and cringing at the worst. As my first novel from this author I am now eagerly awaiting more from her dark mind. Pleasantly surprised and pleased with this book and maybe even hoping for a sequel (hint… hint)!!!!


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