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I'm sure like so many fellow bloggers, I was not the only one who caught the blogging bug from my LOVE of reading... Since the start of PEACE LOVE BOOKS, I've been trying to do everything on my own. I often wonder how other working book-addicts do it all. Remind me again why we can't get paid do this?? But then I think of the why we do it? Honestly, I could spend all day chatting about books, authors, signings and more. Our shared passion for books and reading of course makes it the best job ever even when no money is involved (Well not including our One-Click Obsessions). From writing reviews on the hundreds of books I read a year to plain ol' blogging and maintaining the Facebook Page I rarely have a spare moment. But I love every moment I spend reading, talking about and advertising amazing reads.

Are you an avid reader? Do you write reviews? Have your own blog? Want to start a blog? or maybe just help out on one.... 

PEACE LOVE BOOKS is always looking for guest reviewers. If you would like to participate email us at

We are also looking for another blogger to help run the blog, create teasers, write reviews and update the FB page daily... Even if you can't donate much time, we don't care. We'd love to have you help make our blog a better place....

If you would like PEACE LOVE BOOKS to review your book please understand we have many other ARC's and requests. If we find your book {blog and reviewer} appropriate we would love to read your book. E-mail us whatever info you have including blurb.

If you would just like some promo help send us an e-mail and we'll make a Special Post just for you and help promote you on FB. 
If your a blogger looking to get in on the action, I'd love to have guest reviewers or even guest posts. Only requirement is your a book junkie :)

On a side note: If anyone does graphic design or knows an amazing but affordable person or place please let me know. Peace Love Books deserves more than I can give but I'm trying :)

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