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Breathe into Me Review

Book Review May 3rd

Breathe into Me

by: Amanda Stone

★★ 3.5 Stars

Blurb: Eighteen year-old Kelsey Rien is more than ready to leave her past behind her.

Wanting nothing more than to walk into a room without everyone knowing the horrific details of an event that changed her life six years ago, she vows to concentrate on school and make something of herself.

But then she meets Kane Riley - the local bad boy. Kane's reputation is far from perfect, but is there more to him than what everyone else sees?

Kelsey soon learns that you can’t run from your past, no matter how hard you try. When her nightmares find her once again, Kelsey must find the courage to face the demons that have been haunting her and save the people she loves most.


Maybe I’m just getting sick of New Adult novels where all the female leads have troubled pasts because Breathe into Me was just okay. I was not Wowed or amazed and was expecting a lot more from it than I got.
I don’t know where I got lost reading Breathe into Me because the premise was interesting but suddenly before I knew it I was….
I’m a sucker for romantic suspense stories and this one certainly had a twinge of that. Perhaps this element is what kept me reading… Somehow the whole incident in Kelsey’s past became too whined about. Obviously at her age there was not much she could have done to prevent the ‘accident,’ if you will, even though she feels guilty for provoking her father. It was just too obvious he would make a come-back and when he did it was more of a letdown than anything. There were no big action pack moments or hero crashing in through the window scenes to save the day.
I really did enjoy the whole tattoo idea. I think it was an important step for Kelsey to take in order to face her past and also memorialize her mother in a way more fitting for youth of today. 
Kelsey’s job aspirations are very honorable and brave. She wants to take what she can from her past experiences and prevent similar situations from occurring. She blames herself over her mother’s death and carries a black cloud on her shoulders because of this. “I wasn’t like your average eighteen year old. I had seen things that had changed me, broke me. It would take a special kind of man to love a person as broken as me.”-Kelsey Of course this is where hardcore Kane comes in. 

There were a few issues I had with Breathe into Me that lowered the rating. Number one was the editing; it was so horrible. Example: “I’m just going to throw some close on.” Also there were times when the writing became too corny and even some of the things the characters were saying were ridiculous, like her ‘coocah’… I’ve heard it called many different things, but this one is completely new. I found the dialogue to be too ordinary, repetitive and corny. At times it also seemed scripted and did just not flow well in my eyes.  Breathe into Me was not a bad read, it just wasn’t great in my eyes so once was enough for me.


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