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Seven Days Review

June 7. 2014

Seven Days
by: Josie Leigh

Blurb ~
I don’t sleep until my body gives me no choice. I go until the last drop of energy is zapped from my bones and my muscles are too weak to keep my eyes from closing. Only then am I able to achieve true peace: A slumber without dreams, without memories of my real life nightmare. I thought I was escaping my past, finally running toward the future I deserved.

Until I met Ryan. One week with him had me questioning everything I was sure I wanted out of my life. Being with him means I can’t leave my past behind. Being without him might just kill me anyway.

One week destroyed everything.
One week shattered my dreams
One week I lived in the sun
But the darkness never truly fades.

My Review & Rating

4 Life Sucks Stars
Carrie is a twenty two year old with the world on her shoulders. At a young age she had to become a grown up in order to protect her younger sister. Unfortunately for Carrie some of the things she had to do to keep a roof over their head, food in their bellies and their druggie father pacified would make most people cringe. In fact most people would have given up long before. So in order to keep her chaos in check, she doesn’t sleep but instead counts time like it’s the only sane thing she can. 

This was a very sad but still beautiful story. Carrie goes from a life of darkness to one full of light and possibilities once Ryan comes into her life. He promises her a week to change her mind about running away and the two can road trip around Arizona to all the places that make them ‘feel.’ Ryan doesn’t understand or even truly grasp the horror in Carrie’s life but he knows as soon as he sees her that he’ll do anything to have her in his life no matter how long it’s for. 

The story started with a bang and though I’m not usually a fan of a prologue that gives away what’s to come, I was okay with it in this situation. At times some horrific things happen so readers who like their books happy and clean should steer clear. Everyone else will love the relationship between Carrie and Ryan. Even though Carrie went above and beyond to take care of her sister she was a very likable character, I can’t say I’d have been able to handle everything she did. 

Overall this was a wonderful read. I enjoyed the growing chemistry between Carrie and Ryan even with all the unanswered questions and secrets floating around.  I would definitely recommend this to readers who enjoy gripping romances with dreamy hero’s.


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