Friday, June 13, 2014

Bringing the Peace back to PEACE LOVE BOOKS

My Blogging Apology

So I’m being honest when I say I’ve been doing this blog a disservice. When I started I had so many goals, ideas and ways to share my love of reading withI’ve been LAZY. I’ve been taking the easy way out and only now has it come to my attention how little any of that matters. For the past few months aside from special giveaways my Blog has mostly consisted of blog tours, promos and other pre-formatted postings. This was never my intent and frankly I don’t like it.
the world or at least fellow book addicts like myself. My first few posts had a monthly theme and featured books fitting said theme. I chose an awesome author as author of the month and paid homage to their art. In the past year much of that was lost. Sure I can blame it on becoming full-time at my local library or I can just fess up and tell the truth…

Blog Tours were everything I thought I wanted and this blog needed. How wrong I was. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but rather than being free and expressive about things I squeezed into a mold in order to get free ARC copies of books and be included in author giveaways. Sure I always posted my reviews and followed all the rules but now it all feels too comformidable, excuse the made up word… I’m all about helping my fellow blogger or author but personally I can see how I let the blog tours take over. The allure of having everything sent in an easy HTML format that you can copy and paste was exciting; I could set up tons of posts and have more time for reading. Sure it worked for awhile but look at me now.

So in honor of all the authors and bloggers who lost their love of reading, writing, blogging and books, I am pledging to make my blog my happy place, one full of peace and books,  as if there anything better. This will become the place where things I want to post, things I want to share and things that generally make me happy will be included. But don’t worry I’ll always include things for you guys, my followers as well. I won’t beg anyone for likes, I won’t recommend books I don’t like but I will be honest and respectful at the same time. If our interests are not aligned I won’t be offended. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I hope our reading tastes are similar and all my hard work will help you in the end, if not I wish you the best of luck in finding bloggers who better fit your needs. 
Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about tours from both authors and bloggers alike. Apparently many authors are not seeing any positive results from paying money to companies to help promo their work. Why??? My opinion as a reader and follower: Blog tours are boring. Aside from the bloggers reviews, most posts are exactly the same, there’s no originality and they’ve come now to appear more like advertisements than a post to help promote an author and their work. I respect all the work authors and tour hosts put into these tours but even with adding a few personal touches each post is still basically an advertisement. There also lies an issue with bloggers and authors fighting, disagreeing and basically bashing each other. In my past two years of blogging I’ve seen far too many bloggers and authors leave the spotlight and give up altogether. That’s not right. We all should know how to say we don’t like something without calling names, placing blame or acting like we’re still in pre-school and need our teacher to hold our hand. It’s disgusting to hear of the things people write online. Sure we have the freedom to express ourselves but human decency should also play a part. I won’t even go into the issue of piracy, it’s sickening lately how bloggers are misusing their relationships with authors and giving the rest of us a bad rep.

After my rant about tours I realize I can’t let them have control anymore. I can’t let the ARC copies of unreleased books tempt me.  From now on I will only stick with less than five tours a month (if even that many) and they’ll all be by authors I’ve read before or have come highly recommended. As sad as it makes me I will be very hesitant as to what books and authors I will accept. Plagiarism is another issue plaguing this industry that I just don’t understand. Its sad people need to behave like children when we’re all participating in something we love. Far too many times have I received an ARC only to find the author plagiarized half of it…. Shame shame.
To avoid all this nonsense I will still help promo the authors I love and who I’ve helped before. I may try to move away from the typical posts like everyone else, but hey, I know you guys love flair so I’ll try and keep the ‘Wow’ factor up. I will in the next few months be bringing back our monthly themes as well as hosting a monthly giveaway. (I have more swag than I know what to do with… Help me-take some, please…) I’d also love to hear what everyone would like to see more of. I’m trying to find a way to incorporate my hippie nature and love of books into some cool monthly posts although I have yet to think of anything. Ideas are always welcome as well as guest reviewers and other bloggers. I probably won’t be doing many SALE or FREEBIE posts because let’s face it, everyone does, and at some point almost every book is on SALE. (Plus I bet everyone has more than enough books already sitting on their kindle, I know I do. So I’ll try to limit how much I tempt you…)

To followers of my BLOG, thank-you, seriously. Sure many of you don’t read my posts everyday or even visit the blog but just having people follow means enough. It means all my ranting, raving and plain CRAZY means something so thanks, at least I know someone is listening. From now on try and be a better blogger. I’ll make things interesting and I’ll do what I can to keep everyone happy without taking the easy way out… Go easy on me if I’m slacking off, chances are my face is attached to my kindle…

Feel free to comment below or email me with any blog suggestions or any other random thought you may have at

Also if you want some of the massive amounts of swag I have please let me know and I’ll send you tons. Use email above and Subject Line: GIMME SWAG or leave a comment on this post.
I’m off to Blog… First order of business is updating the Coming Soon page and finishing the 20+ reviews I have… Imma slacker I know.  Stay Tuned

P.S. Since I work at my local library in a few different departments, I have some insider knowledge on book repair, ordering and maintenance, I am thinking of hosting a monthly “Babying Your Books,” post on which I will tell you ways to ensure your hardcover’s and paperbacks stay alive for as long as possible. It will eventually veer into tablets and e-book devices. Let me know if you guys would be interested in something like this.

XOXOXOX ~ Crystal
And as always,

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