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Push the Envelope Review

March 7. 2014

Push the Envelope
by:Rochelle Paige

Blurb ~

Alexa is just your average college junior, attending classes and piloting Mile High Club charter flights. Boys haven't been on her radar for a couple years after a disastrous breakup with her high school sweetheart. Her plans to focus on school hit a bit of a snag when she meets bad-boy Drake Bennett and he sets his sights on making her his own.

Drake transferred to Blythe College for the rugby team, not for a new assortment of college girls. He's sexy and cocky, and he attracts women like moths to a flame. When he meets Alexa, Drake knows he's met his match. She tries to resist him, but Drake isn't used to taking no for an answer.

My Review & Rating
4 Fightin' Stars

This book reminded me of a mix between Battlescars by Sophie Monroe and Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. There’s a mix of alpha male angst and flying high in planes. But don’t be fooled Drake stands out all on his own. 

I enjoyed this book even though it seemed to fly by. This wasn’t an insta-love story and that immediately pleased me. Alexa makes Drake work for it and for good reason. When Alexa gets her first look of Drake she can’t deny his overall deliciousness or the fact that he seems displeased with her very presence. Little does Alexa know Drake has had his eye on her for awhile. 

The start of Alexa and Drakes’ friendship/relationship starts a bit rockily considering he thinks she’s with one of his frat brothers. To say he treats her kindly would be a gross understatement. Drake lets his jealousy get in the way and his mood swings throw Alexa for a loop. Even through all that she can’t deny how much she wants to know him, everything about him. 

Still suffering the remnants of a bad past relationship Alexa is hesitant to start something with Drake. Throw in his past behavior (man-whore ways) and overwhelming presence and Alexa is nothing but hesitant. Instead of pushing Drake just walks all over Alexa’s hesitations, all with one goal in mind: make her his.

Once Drake decides he wants Alexa, she doesn’t stand a chance. Slowly and surely Drake works his way into Alexa’s heart only to have a misunderstanding threaten to tear them apart. 

This was a very good and easy read. There is no insta-love or fast track to the bedroom. Even with his cocky and demanding ways Drake really cares about Alexa and never pushes her past what she’s comfortable with. I really enjoyed the slow progression of a relationship between these two. It was nice to see them fall for one another more and more over time rather than let their lust consume them. (Even though both are hot and bothered anytime their around the other.) Overall I think many people will appreciate the easy storyline and bad-assery of Drake. He’s sweet, demanding and an Alpha to the core, is there anything better???


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