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Chaotic Review & Excerpt

Book Review May 16


by: C.A. Williams

★★★★4 Stars

Blurb: Adelaide McGregor was spinning out of control, in a world of pain that no one knew anything about. She put up a front, displaying a picture perfect girl that everyone wanted to be, but no one was truly there for her. Then she was sent away to live near her grandparents due to bad behavior when her mother decided she just didn't want to deal with her any longer. Without a penny to her name and no where else to go, her life was uprooted to North Carolina. Everything seems to be changing for the better with her fresh new start until she meets a guy who flips her world upside down all over again. Sometimes you have to make it through the struggles of imperfection in life for everything to come out as complete perfection, but Della hasn't quite learned that lesson yet.

“Don’t worry, mother. I’m not being stupid about it, I’m on birth control, and whichever penis I pick is most certainly wrapped. So when and if I feel the urge to spread my legs, just know I’m being one hundred percent safe. Even if I’m not exactly laying back and spreading my legs, you know there are so many different positions I love to try out. Have you ever heard of the Dolphin? It’s fairly tricky but once you get the hang of it, can be amazing. It also helps that I’m so flexible,” I added on loudly before laying my napkin on my cleared plate.


I don’t know if I ever read a book where the title was so appropriately fitting. Chaotic was a book full of utter chaos and emotional turmoil but it was GREAT!!!

Once again C.A. Williams has written a great story that I could not put down. I’ll admit I am and was not happy with the ending, perhaps a bit of a warning that this will be part of a series. So beware there is a cliff-hanger, but it was definitely still worth the read and now the wait. What really surprised me with this story is it had a few elements I am usually not a fan of aside from just the cliff-hanger. But I guess you could say I let bygones be bygones because I still LOVED Chaotic
Adelaide McGregor has been going to community college for the last two years because she’s not sure what she really wants to do with her life. Her mother is none to loving and decides she is sick of Addy making her look bad by going to such a low-pedigree school and doing nothing with her life. Addy has divorced parent syndrome and seeks affection elsewhere, thus her scandalous behavior. She does not do relationships but seeks a connection with someone after her first time was a drunken mess.

“I never believed there was such a thing as soul mates, but now I was starting to rethink that.”-Addy

Her unaffectionate mother kicks Addy out and sends her to her grandparents where she can attend University nearby. With the help of two new roommates and old friend Nash, Addy is finally able to breathe, free from the constraints of her mother and people in her past. She begins to find herself and even enjoys school once she sets her mind to it. 

Addy meets Justin Parker, bad-boy extraordinaire, with a play-boy status and tattooed exterior that Addy can’t resist, even though she tries for a bit. My only issue with Justin was I didn’t feel like I knew him enough. The relationship between the two seems to move in fast forward and we don’t really get an inside view into who Justin is or even what in his past haunts him that made him into who he is now. We know Addy’s past but Justin’s is more of a mystery and we all know everyone has a past. I’ll admit Justin is beyond sweet, and smooth too. I mean how many guys actually think to call and ask the grandparents approval before taking you on a overnight trip. Especially considering they could have easily said no and ruined said plans. But not Addy’s grandparents who rock and completely make up for lack of maternal instincts in her mother.
I was surprised by Addy’s past and how she dealt with it. The whole hooking up with Chris really threw me and I don’t quite understand it. From her side of things I’m surprised she gave in considering from an outsider’s POV it was like a date-rape since she was so drunk the first time. And her mother… OMG what a bitch… Regardless of Addy’s age it still should have been her choice how to proceed in that situation but her mother ran roughshod all over her and practically forced her. It’s amazing she is able to even speak to her mother or Chris but I guess that just shows how strong a character she is and she can overcome a lot.  Hell, she chooses Childhood Education as her major, when she admits more than once how much kids freak her out. 

I was also disappointed in her father. I don’t know how he could leave Addy with her mother who is more snakelike than human. But again, Addy holds no grudges which shocked me. When she overhears Justin and his friend however, her forgiving nature seems to be on vacation. I can’t say I blame her because having to overhear what she did could not have been easy.  Especially her not knowing if she would have known the truth otherwise or if Justin ever would have told her.
Honestly I didn’t really like Nash. I could not understand his relationship with Mariah, the bitch. Also every time he alluded to breaking up with her to Addy I wanted to smack him. As if he was testing her reaction and I just felt it was really uncomforting coming from him so she could run into his arms if and when he left her. In many ways, it was reminiscent of a married man who kept telling his mistress he would leave his wife for her.  When Nash kept pursuing Addy I knew it was going to bring more Chaos. She even knew going in that they had more of a friendship than anything, but she felt determined to give it a try mostly due to Nash’s persistence. This is one of those subjects that tick me off, and boy did it. I could not stop yelling at Adelaide for pushing herself into a relationship she really didn’t want and was not feeling. This has got to be some new sort of Self-Peer-Pressure.
Again, some of the decisions Adelaide makes sort of threw me for a loop. Certain things she over thinks whereas others she jumps right in. Take moving in with her step-sister Mia. I understand that the rent would be paid, but after seeing the type of person she is, there is no way I would be able to hang out with her let alone live with her. Even though Addy may not be in a relationship at the time, I was concerned for her friends and other roommates. Mia has no shame and I would and do fear the havoc she will undoubtedly add to their lives.
Considering the madness that made up Chaotic, I swear the last 25% is even worse. More madness and drama occurs when you can’t think anymore would be possible.
The last chapter/epilogue in Justin’s POV was so perfect. It was just what I needed to calm down and really set the stage for the next book. I can only hope that the next book is either in Justin’s POV or even better be a split POV so we can really stay connected to both of them.
I’m not gonna lie at times Chaotic had me yanking chunks of hair out of my head and left me an emotional mess. It was like watching TV, I was constantly yelling at the characters hoping they would listen and they never did. But every page was riveting and I was engrossed from the start. Chaotic  was a great read and I can only hope that the next book will be the HEA of Adelaide and Justin. Well, that and I cannot wait to read all about Justin decked out in his police uniform, with standard gun and handcuffs. YUMM!!

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