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Chasing Leah Review

Book Review

Chasing Leah Feb. 11th 

Chasing Leah by: C.A. Williams

  4 Stars

Blurb: Leah Rossi hasn't had an easy upbringing and is looking to start fresh when she leaves for college. Being abandoned by her mom and ignored by her grandma, shes basically on her own dealing with life's everyday struggles and added into the mix is a three year old. But as soon as she locks eyes with a tattooed up bad boy looking Chase O'Neil, shes hooked and has no where to run while she fights the overgrowing attraction that ignites between them.

Chasing Leah was a exceptional novel about a college freshman, Leah, who has more responsibility than most and struggles dealing with life, caring for her young brother and falling in love for the first time.
My first thought with this story is, "Ahhhh, damn spelling errors." Granted, I had read this once before and this time the numerous spelling and word errors just kept catching my eye and slowing me down. The story is great but so many errors really takes away from whats happening.

That being said, I loved Chasing Leah, it's like everything you love about typical YA college novels with a little extra ingredients added in. There's Chase the hot next door neighbor and Leah's love interest (though she fights it every chance she can.) Ally her most awesome and flamboyant friend who rocks neon fashion and rainbow duck tape. And Caleb her three year old brother she is raising on her own. Not easy for a college freshman but Leah proves what a strong character she is. When she starts school she's about half way done having taken many of prerequisites beforehand and has a job as a waitress in order to support Caleb. 

One great moment in the story is when Chase and Caleb meet. Though he is flirting with Leah at the moment, once he learns Caleb is there he doesn't miss a beat and immediately engages him in conversation and does not assume the worst of Leah's character, like some other guy we meet. 

Chase (swoon) is an English major and in a band. Doesn't get much better and boy, he is the sweetest guy ever. Some of the guys in the band, Teddy mostly, portrays his role perfectly. Has a different girl every five minutes and is just very unlikable even as Chase's friend. He never even watches his mouth around lil Caleb.

 "Being an English major I love to write poetry, but if I were to confess that to any of the guys that would definitely make me a pussy," Chase.

It was enjoyable when Ally decided to go full Vegan and kept trying to use Caleb as her mini-taste-tester. For a three year-old he has a more daring side than me. 

Throughout most of the book, Leah is denying any feelings between her and Chase. Once she gives in, she keeps looking for something bad to happen and often jumps to conclusion because of that fear. She could get a bit annoying at times, but considering Chase is her first real anything, her behavior can be excused. Aside from all that, Leah is an  extremely strong character. She has no family to speak of, aside from a grandma who could care less about her and Caleb and really out does herself trying to make a better life for Caleb than she had and she herself is only 18. 

Great read and though the ending leaves you with an unanswered question, have no fear part two is here. 

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