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Limitless Review

Book Review Feb. 12th


Limitless by: C.A. Williams

  4 Stars

Limitless (book 2) starts a few months after Chasing Leah ends. We don't immediately find out the answer to the question Chase asks Leah at the end but don't worry you won't be disappointed.
I feel like so much happened in this book.

Beware spoilers:

Poor Leah, who has gone through so much, is once again tested physically, mentally and emotionally in Limitless. She's in an accident, loses a baby, almost gets murdered and comes way too close to ruining her HEA with Chase.
There are still a few annoying spelling and writing errors but nowhere near as bad as those in Chasing Leah.

The worst part of this story for me was Ally's new relationship with Teddy. I just could not like him. Ally is such a bright ray of sunshine and I just can't stand her with a man whore like Teddy. In some ways I side with Leah who can't understand their relationship either, but realizes that it's not her place to judge.

I was shocked by the sudden arrival of Caleb's father. He turned out to be a decent and trustworthy guy who is smart enough to not try and take Caleb away. The issue with his whacked out girlfriend was upsetting because it just goes to show how much you think you can know someone but in reality not have a clue. It's too bad Leah has no idea who her father is, I thought at some point she would open the letter she received from her mother in book one, so we could see if there was any more information pertaining to her own paternity but she never opens it.

After Leah suffers her trauma, I thought her depression was very realistic. Again, Chase just proves his awesome swoon-worthyness by not only taking care of her but dealing with his own heartache and Caleb at the same time. He is such a great guy and father to Caleb I thought that something they would touch on would be (now that they are married) to become Caleb's legal guardian, especially, considering if something happened to Leah, Caleb would be lost in the system or taken from Chase and given to his real father. Also why does Caleb not call Chase Daddy like he calls her Mommy.

Aside from the continuation of drama, Limitless, has a lot more sex and some of it is rather detailed, so those under 18 should proceed with caution.

Blurb:  The follow up to Chasing Leah. Did Chase and Leah end up together after his fast marriage proposal? Or did she run the other way like she tends to do? All of those questions and then some will be answered in Limitless, the continuation of the Journey series. One things for sure Leah's journey is a bumpy one, but definitely interesting.

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