Monday, April 29, 2013

Kindle Blog Hop & Giveaway

Show Your Support Kindle Giveaway!!

Thanks everyone, for stop by today to show your support and love for Bloggers and authors! My support will come with me sharing some of my favorite reads and authors with you..

Some things you should know about me..
  • I LOVE Angsty, motorcycle driving, tattooed, Hot bad-boys with alpha/hero complexes... 

  • I LOVE romance, New Adult, suspense, BDSM(sometimes the dirtier the better) etc... and I know it's cliche but I'm a sucker for a girl in need of rescue....
  • I LOVE Authors who think outside the box. The less predictable to the better. 
  • I am addicted (more like fused) to my Kindle and would probably die without it. One-clicking is my New-Age girly shoe addiction even though my credit does not approve.
  • I LOVE blogging, roaming Goodreads, stalking author sites and making friends with fellow book-A-holics. Who needs a life when books provide the perfect alternative LOL...
  • I HATE, despise, loathe and go into a murderous rage when confronted by a cliff-hanger, especially the one's that come out of nowhere.. Authors, perhaps try warning us ahead of time when using this tactic or maybe not releasing the next novel more than a few months away.... It's torturous. 
  •  Lastly, I just plain ol' love to read. My favirote part of the day is when I can plant myself on the couch with my kindle/book in hand and let the world slip away... Right now I'm most looking forward to the release of Origin (Lux #4) by Jennifer Armentrout and Scare Crow (Crow's Row #2) by Julie Hockley...
So without further ado, here are SOME of my favorite reads ever, books I will continue to and have read numerous times.. Covers will link you to Goodreads page so you can add away. 
Beautiful Disaster               Crow's Row              Wicked Ties
by: Jamie McGuire            by: Julie Hockley        by: Shayla Black
Amazon                       Amazon                    Amazon

Falling Into You                    Fragile                 Heart on a Chain
by: Jasinda Wilder            by: M. Leighton           by:Cindy Bennett
Amazon                       Amazon                     Amazon
Review                          Review                               

Hopeless            My Life Next Door           Wounded
by: Colleen Hoover     by: Huntley Fitzpatrick       by: Jasinda Wilder
Amazon                        Amazon                        Amazon
Review                       Review                         Review

Wishing for Someday Soon  Seduction & Snacks    The Edge of Never
by: Tiffany King                  by: Tara Sivec           by: J.A. Redmerski
Amazon                         Amazon                       Amazon

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