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Hard to Love Review

Book Review Feb. 15th

Hard to Love

 ★★★ 3 Stars
Sypnosis: Cade takes cares of his sick younger sister by doing what he does best--cage fighting and starring in adult movies, his newest harebrained moneymaking scheme designed to pay for his sister’s growing medical bills. But when his latest gig finds him admitted to the ER, he can’t get the pretty little nurse who treated him out of his head, even though he knows she’s so far out of his league it should be illegal.

Alexa has been looking for ways to break out of her Goody Two-shoes image. When her friend suggests the outlandish idea of losing her virginity to the sexy and sure-to-be-skilled porn star, Alexa is mortified.When she tracks him down to give him a piece of her mind, she isn’t prepared for what she finds. Watching him care for his little sister tugs at her heart, and suddenly it’s no longer just about losing her virginity, but about helping Cade. Because Lord help her, she might actually be falling for a porn star…

Hard to Love by: Kendall Ryan

Sadly this book was just okay for me. Maybe I set my sights to high but I just couldn't get into the story and the two (Alexa and Cade) barely have a relationship at all.

The start of the story is priceless and carried so much potential. Cade shows up in the ER, where Alexa is working as a nurse, with the erection from Hell, all thanks to the lil' blue pill he was given while 'trying to perform' for his new job. Obviously the situation is awkward for both and they mildly flirt thinking, obviously, they will never see each other again. But as it happens in books they always seem to run into each other, sometimes on purpose and others by magic.

I admire Cade's willingness to do anything to help raise his sister. Her medical bills are through the roof and as the sole provider he sees starring in a few adult films as his only option. Honestly, I thought this was a lame excuse. I think if we could had seen or heard about all the other jobs Cade had or things he tried to accomplish I would have felt better. Especially the night after him and Alexa hook-up, I totally understood her anger. I was hoping he would find a way out of it, but he didn't. Boo. This sort of killed part of Cade for me. In the beginning he clearly doesn't want to do the porn and does everything he can to work around it, thus the pill/erection issue. Understandably the two are so different and always pushing each-other away but even though he didn't technically cheat, it still left a dirty tinge in the air.

I thought Lily was a great character, however, we hardly see her. Mostly it's just others talking about her and how bad off she is. Yet every time we see her, she never once lets her disability hold her back.  And back to the porn, hello, is he not worried Lilly will ever find out. Nothing disappears on the Web and doing something like this could honestly hurt her more in the end, imagine her in school and all the kids talking about her porn star brother, just what she needs.

I was completely thrown off when Alexa just shows up at Cade's house to confront him. She not only takes over immediate babysitting duty with a disabled child she's never met but then proceeds to cook and clean his house like his wife. For someone so apprehensive she sure knows how to butt in.

Even till the end, I could not fully connect with Alexa. She claims to wanna be different from the life she was raised and veer from her parents overbearing control. But she still acts snobbish. I mean she goes to his house just to flaunt herself and say, 'this is what you could have had but never will.' Kinda caddy in my book. Though she's more likeable throughout the book, there's not much time or description to see any changes in her and that and many things left the story feeling unfinished.

Would read if looking for a quick romance with loads of sex and a bit of humor but by no means an engaging, thought provoking read.

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