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Something More Review

Book Review Feb. 16

Something More

by: Mia Castile

Blurb: All she wanted was a fresh start. Moving to Chicago for college, escaping her small town, Nyla finally felt she had it all. Then Jameson is suddenly everywhere, invading her life, school schedule, and dating her supervisor at the posh art gallery where she works. How can she survive her fresh start, when her high school bully is everywhere.... The only thing that scared him about going to college was the crushing fear that he wouldn’t see Nyla anymore. So after graduation, Jameson applied to Roosevelt College, her school, to try to make sense of why he felt that way. Hoping it would only take a semester to understand his strange attraction and why he tormented her during high school, instead he realized that there was something more about Nyla, and something more to the way he felt. Now he must prove to her that she feels the same way.
  ★★ 4 Stars

Something More was a beautiful was a beautiful road to true love; when your arch nemesis becomes the one person you can't live without and all that hate you've been feeling is really just love in disguise. We all had a nemesis in high school, maybe a boy that picked on you far too much. Well, Jameson is Nyla's bully. She finally feels free from the immature constraints of high school and as a college freshman she can become the person she's destined to be. Until Jameson pops back into her life, of course.
Nyla is such a remarkable character and very relate-able no matter your age. Even with life sucking around her and things not going the way they should she never judges others or thinks bad of them. (Aside from Jameson of course).
Ok, so I did get majoring PO'd by this book and that was the abrupt shift in POV's. Normally, there is a start of a new chapter, paragraph or even the character name between paragraphs to signify a change, well, Something More had none of these. One second your following along Nyla's world and suddenly your thrown for a loop because not only does what she say not fit, your not even reading about Nyla anymore. Very Annoying.  And it happens A LOT, and not just Jameson and Nyla's POV at a few points we get an extra thrown in as well. Jameson, was hard to both love and hate. He has very little regret for much of the book because he never viewed his action through Nyla's eyes or thought they were wrong. At times I wanted to kill him for making her high school experience all the more suckier.  But at least he begins to feel regret and realize his actions were selfish and hurtful. There were quite a few spelling and grammar errors that normally could be overlooked, but there were too many. Many times the mistakes were so obvious a five year old could spot them. Shame Shame. A little proofreading never hurt anybody. This angered me more than anything because I kept being taken away from the story. this mixed with Jameson's continued torture on Nyla had me baring my teeth like a viscous PitBull. I did not like the minor love triangle in the story. I really liked Jameson's roommate and though I knew him and Nyla were not meant to be, it was hard to want her to push him away for Jameson who tormented her for so long. But oh man, watching Jameson slowly realize why he's so fascinated with Nyla for so long was beautiful. The flashbacks to their shared childhoods really helped paint a picture of 'their beginning.'Something More was definitely part of the YA genre and plays out like a romantic comedy. If you can make it through the awful POV transitions than you won't be disappointed. 

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