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Melodies Review

September 2. 2014

Melodies (Bianca Grey Series #1)
by: Pamela Srey

Blurb ~ 
Seventeen year old Bianca Grey had a not so usual teenage life.  Adopted with an abusive foster mother and unpopular at Philadelphia High School, Bianca found peace with her artistic talents.  Pete Carrara Jr., had a different life.  He was popular in school, musically talented with good looks and brains.  Pete had the ideal perfect life with the perfect family and friends.  Love had never crossed his mind until one day when he ran into Bianca.  That very day, he thought love to be very possible. 
Bianca was guarded and had never let anyone get close to her.  No one knew she was adopted, not even the school.  The more Pete got to know her, the more he fell in love with her.  Bianca was not so certain on how much Pete should know about her personal life but the more she learned about Pete, the more she cared for him.  With him, her complicated life wasn't so complicated anymore. 
Their young romance blossomed through the difficulty of a drama filled high school and a series of mysterious killings in the city.  But just when Pete thought that things were perfect with Bianca, her past surface.  Can their love overcome the scariest reality out there, the so called life?

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4.5 "Eye Opening" Stars
Melodies hooked me in from the start and was an amazing debut for  author Pamela Srey. I was left with lingering emotions and my feels were all over the place, equal parts heartbroken and awed. I must have picked this book at the right time because it was everything I enjoy in a YA novel. The story of a lost girl meeting her match.

Melodies was truly a beautiful story of learning to love not only someone else but yourself. Bianca is such a tortured young girl. Not only does she feel undeserving and unloved she also feels unworthy. The bright spot in her life comes in the form of a young popular schoolmate named Pete. Pete is beyond anything Bianca knows in her sheltered world. Where Bianca uses art to escape the harsh realities of her world, Pete doesn’t need the escape but still excels at everything, particularly of the musical variety.

Together they open eachother’s eyes. Bianca is not only uncomfortable but unbelieving in goodness in people. Pete’s family is not normal, more like a TV sitcom and it’s hard for Bianca to reconcile his perfect life to her undeserving under-appreciated one. 

I really enjoyed the added suspenseful elements to the story. This added bit of story didn’t feel forced and for a YA novel it added even more depth to an already overflowing storyline. The whole 'Who Done It' mystery was both frightening and exciting. Not to mention it gave Pete a chance to secretly show off his macho man skills in protecting what's his. With girls going missing I expected Bianca to be more aware or afraid but instead it was Pete who went the extra mile to protect his girl, even when she had no idea of a threat.

Overall this was a fantastic YA novel with occasional mature content. I truly love a tortured girl and Bianca is surely that. Throughout the story Bianca goes through many life events and has to make hard adult decisions. She is a determined girl and even when the pain gets too much she doesn’t give up. Though I wanted to throttle her in the end I am literally dying for more and hope a HEA is in the works for Pete and Bianca.

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