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A Debt Paid Promo with Excerpt

 Hey all apologies for posting this late. For some reason my scheduling here on Blogger always fails me. Anywho check out this Erotic/Dark Romance from Joslyn Black...

A Debt Paid
by: Joslyn Black
Publish Date: August 7, 2014

Anya has a snake of a father in deep with the mob. Calix Uncle is head of the mob. Calix has wanted Anya for years but all she does is blow him off. So a deal is struck where the debt is paid for Anya’s hand in marriage. But it’s not as simple as that when another deal is struck and someone is betrayed they my just lose their lives over this.
So tell me do the ends always justify the means?

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I love romance books of all shapes, sizes and genres, so much that I was inspired to write. I've always loved to write, little poems here and there. Maybe a short story or two but I was always too scared to show my writing; critics can be tough. Well I finally put my big girl panties on and self published. I think there is nothing harder in the world than to create something and put it out for others to build up or tear down.

My writing is based off what I like. I would never publish a book I wouldn't read or enjoy myself. I am a very quirky unique person, there is not enough room for me to get into all my personalities. Yes I said ties not ty, I have lived in six different states and too many cities, towns and villages to name. Partially because my mom never liked to settle and because my soon to be ex-husband was a Marine. He was deployed twice, Iraq in 2003 when it all went down and Afghanistan a year later. I don't think I slept the whole time he was gone. I have four wonderful spoiled brats. My oldest nearly 15 and my youngest just 5. I am of a mixed heritage. My mother was born and raised in Mexico and my father is second generation born in the US from Sicily.

My extended family is a little more than 120 people; at least that was how many was at the reunion a few years ago. So yes being Italian/Mexican and coming from a big family where you have to talk over everyone else to be heard; I have an extremely loud mouth and love big families. I am religious but tend to stay clear of that topic, religion and politics are two subjects where people are too easily offended. I'm a big talker and tend to babble. I love talking to everyone and anyone about books so hit me up anytime.

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Anya was sitting at the big lavish exquisitely decorated banquet table bored out of her skull. Oh how she hated these things, but she had to come she had to support “Daddy” and show everyone what a perfect happy family they were. What total bullshit, her mother had to be loaded with a drink in her hands 24/7 or she couldn't deal with the stress of being the Senator’s perfect wife and mother to his children. If she were ever sober she’d have to face the cold hard reality of her life. Her brother was decent, if you thought being a conceded money hungry prick was decent. And her father, there wasn't enough time to get into his depravity. He was a dirty Senator; he made deals for anything if the price was right. He had his fingers in a lot of pies, he got kickbacks from major drug deals, prostitution rings it was even rumored he had ties to the Italian mafia.
Anya didn't know for sure, once she turned eighteen she moved out as fast as she could. She honestly wanted nothing to do with them; she only did these kinds of things for her mother. Because the image of a happy family was all her mother had left. She loved her mother and felt sorry for her; she was trapped, her father would not allow her mother to divorce him. She had finally gotten her nerve up to leave him once a few years back, but he used rather emotionally painful and unscrupulous tactics to make her mother stay.  So here Anya sat smiling waving and waiting for the hands on the clock to move so she could leave.
As a waiter passed by her she signaled for another glass of champagne. She wasn't twenty-one yet but she didn't care and neither did anyone else for that matter; they were all too self-centered to think of anyone else. All of them smiling at each other glad handing while they think of ways to use each other for their own profit or gain. A pit of serpents that was what they all were.
Calix stood off to the side and kept his eyes on Anya, a beautiful brunette who was sitting alone at the head table. Something about her always called to him, for the last couple of years he had felt a pull toward her that he didn't understand. She had been so young when he first met her though, a legal adult yes but still a teen nonetheless, so he kept his distance and would deny his wanting. But she was twenty now nearly twenty-one, no longer a teen. She was stunning, mature beyond her years with long thick hair the color of rich chocolate, eyes as blue as the sky and her skin the color of sweet light caramel. He’d always seen her at a few of these functions every couple of months; in fact he looked for her whenever he was at one. He knew she was the Senator’s daughter but how a weasel like him had been able to father such a beautiful creature he didn't know.
He watched her as she turned down man after man tonight, she was a strong independent tigress of a woman hidden under that beautiful kitten’s fur. He decided that he had waited long enough and that tonight he would make her, his. He was more than confident that she wouldn't turn down his dinner invitation; he had never once been turned down by any female he showed attention to. With lust filled thoughts of her assaulting his mind of what he would get after their dinner date he walked over to her adjusting his dinner jacket to hide his growing arousal.
“Good evening, Calix Anastas we've met before a few years ago I believe.” He held out his hand to shake hers.
Anya looked from the hand he offered to his face. “Great another pampas peacock trying to strut himself.” She thought disdainfully.
“Anya Richards.” She answered tonelessly ignoring his hand and turning her attention back to the crowd in front of her.
Seeing that she was snubbing him and not going to take his hand he dropped it to his side. He decided that maybe flattery would get her attention. “Forgive me if I’m out of line but you must know you are one of the most beautiful women here tonight.”
Anya rolled her eyes. “Like I haven’t heard ten times tonight.”  Putting on her best fake smile she looked back to him and accepted his compliment with a curt. “Thank you.”
“Would you like to dance?”
“No thank you, I’m not interested.”
She was turning him down; he had never been turned down. He wasn't about to take a no from her; he’d been waiting too many years for a no. Grabbing the chair next to her he began to pull it out to sit asking. “Is this seat taken?”
“No.” She said flatly, she then waited till he was completely seated and then stood up. “Excuse me.” She said as she walked away leaving him to sit alone.
Calix had never lost his temper over a woman before, but he was walking on the edge with her. All of his needs and emotions seemed to be amplified around her. She brought unknown feelings in him every time he looked at her. But she had ignored and snubbed his hand and at her blatant public refusal of him he was now pissed, it’s one thing to say no but to just openly reject him with people watching, no he wasn’t going to let that slide.


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