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Never Say Goodbye Review

Book Review 
January 28. 2014
Never Say Goodbye
by: T. Renee Fike
3 Stars

Blurb ~ Liv’s childhood best friend, who she’s been inseparable from her entire childhood, moves out of state. She’s devastated and forced to move on with her life without “her everything.”

Luckily, she finds a new best friend, Brynn. These two have been best friends for so long, they decide to attend the same college as roommates.

After things don't turn out so well with a failed relationship, Liv chooses to forgo any romantic commitments. She’s in college after all, so why not enjoy being single and free?

Brynn, however is in a happy relationship and wants nothing more than for her best friend to be in one too. As much as she tries to play matchmaker, Liv refuses to be tied down. Unfortunately, when it's least expected, someone at school makes Liv’s world turn upside-down. As much as she doesn’t want him to affect her, he does.

To make matters worse, Brynn’s boyfriend knows more about Liv then he realizes and eventually he’s able to put the pieces of her past together.

When tragedy strikes, the past and the present collide, allowing secrets to come out and change everything.

Will friendships be torn and goodbye’s said or will they keep their promise and never say goodbye?

My Review 
ARC provided by Author for Honest Review

Unfortunately this book and I did not click. It felt like I had a epic college-style hangover and the party never ended even with all the drama and storylines going on. In fact, at times this book felt like three books in one. There were, I found, too many plotlines working within the story. It felt overwhelming and outdone. There was enough singular drama going on without adding so many extra elements that really took away from the story. And the point of the story, I’m not too sure, still trying to figure that out. 

I assumed from the blurb this would be mostly about old friends reconnecting. In a way this element was there but not until you’re past the half way point. Liv is a hard character to understand. It’s like she has Multiple Personality Disorder. Half the time she seems like a party girl and others a studious girl with high aspirations. Not to mention her quick and non-subtle reaction to having sex with one of the most promiscuous guys on campus. 

There’s also Liv’s BFF Brynn, whom she met when her previous BFF up and left when she was still little. Brynn slowly works her way into Liv’s heart and she’s a crazy out of control character I had no idea what to expect from. 

When the old BFF finally makes his appearance all I could think was ASSHOLE. And to be honest I still do NOT like him and can’t imagine how Liv could accept him after all his DICK moves. Why people have such a problem with asking questions or being honest is beyond me. Placing blame all around helps no one and hurts people in the end and all I got from this situation was Hurt even though the characters seemed to just brush it all under the rug. 

Even though I was not a fan of this book I was engrossed from A to B. Sure at times I was questioning what the hell else could possibly happen or begging to please end all this drama already, at the same time I was internally yelling, ‘This can’t be happening.’ See just too much. It’s all too much. There was a lot of potential here but I also felt a bunch of let downs. I still can’t wrap my head around it all and I read it a week ago. If you’re a fan of drama and constantly questioning your own sanity I would recommend this, otherwise steer clear of this soap opera and head to something else on your T-B-R.


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