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Last Hit Review

Book Review 
December 14. 2013
Last Hit (Hitman #1)
by:Jen Frederick and Jessica Clare
5 Stars

Blurb ~  
I have been a contract killer since I was a boy. For years I savored the fear caused by my name, the trembling at the sight of my tattoos. The stars on my knees, the marks on my fingers, the dagger in my neck, all bespoke of danger. If you saw my eyes, it was the last vision you’d have. I have ever been the hunter, never the prey. With her, I am the mark and I am ready to lie down and let her capture me. Opening my small scarred heart to her brings out my enemies. I will carry out one last hit, but if they hurt her, I will bring the world down around their ears.

I’ve been sheltered from the outside world all my life. Homeschooled and farm-raised, I’m so naive that my best friend calls me Pollyanna. I like to believe the best in people. Nikolai is part of this new life, and he’s terrifying to me. Not because his eyes are cold or my friend warns me away from him, but because he’s the only man that has ever seen the real me beneath the awkwardness. With him, my heart is at risk..and also, my life.

My Review 

Based on some of the reviews I’ve read about this story, it seems it’s either a hit or miss. In my case this was a HUGE HIT… I loved this story. I mean sure Nikolai practically stalks her but in some crazy way it was beyond romantic in my eyes, due to his character’s personality and lifestyle. I mean being a hit-man does sort of limit your options in the dating arena. 

Daisy is the complete opposite of Nick. She’s finally leaving her restrictive home and a father who is so scared of the world outside he never leaves his home. Daisy wants her chance to experience the world and so she moves out on her own and sets her sights on living freely. When she meets Nick in the basement laundry room of her apartment she never expects her life to be altered so drastically.
I really enjoyed Nick’s honesty with Daisy. Sure he doesn’t come out and say, “Hi, my name is Nick and I kill people for a living,” but he does over time slowly reveal himself, which I think was really the only way to successfully integrate an innocent like Daisy. 

I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Knowing it’s between Nick and Daisy’s friends makes me want it even more. Her friend is kidnapped and unfortunately even though I expected a miraculous recovery, it never happens. Thank the Lord it was not Daisy that was taken cause I think Nick would have torn the world apart just to get her back. 

In case I didn’t stress it enough. I loved this book. In fact I can’t think of a bad thing to say about it. Sure, it’s not for everyone but this was my bread and butter. I know this will be a re-read for me and one that will be just as good the second and third time around. My favorite part has to be the end, though. Nick helps Daisy’s father, in a non-conventional way, but the only way to rid him of his fear. Nick is willing to do and give up so much for Daisy it’s hard to fathom this hardcore assassin is such a softie inside. 

Talk about guilty pleasure, this book was certainly mine. I can’t recommend a better book with a killer for a hero. Most often the killer or mafia lead (at least from my experience) isn’t as much as a badass as he appears. That is so not the case in Last Hit. Nick may be a softie where Daisy is concerned but other than that, you wouldn’t want him to be looking for you. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I was already a fan of Jen Frederick’s and now I think I’m a super fan, I will continue to relentlessly stalk her author pages to find out when the next book in this series and the Woodland series are coming out, because any wait is going to be too long. Highly recommend for those looking for something different, with all the necessary elements of drama, romance and of course murder. 


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