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Getting Back Annie Review

Book Review 
 November 2. 2013
Getting Back Annie (Winning Back Ryan #2)
by:SL Siwik
3.5 Stars

Blurb ~ After Ryan's ultimate betrayal, I struggle to pick up the pieces of my life and move on. Brian is a wonderful boyfriend, but even he can't stop the nightmares or the anger I feel inside. As I feel myself slipping with no hopes of coming back the person I was before, the most unlikely of people steps in to save me...Ben Hurley. I love Brian, but Ben is persistent. He refuses to give up on me, or our love.

My Review 
ARC provided by Author for Honest Review

I honestly don’t even know what I expected from this book. When I was contacted by the author to read part two I was excited since I never expected another book. This was all kinds of mindfuckery and I’m still suffering a hang-over trying to decipher everything that happened. 

Annie tried so hard to win back her cheating boyfriend Ryan. Finally realizing she was better than that, his crazy side came out and he attacked her. Her best friend Brian finally admits his feelings and though Annie is hesitant at first when this book starts Annie and Brian have moved beyond the bonds of friendship. 

Annie still feels protective of Brian after saving him from almost killing himself. I never considered how Brian would feel beholden to Annie because of this. This is one issue tackled in the book and trust me it’s the least of the drama that occurs. 

Annie and Brian are still in the beginning of a relationship and since Annie is still dealing with Ryan’s attack and dishonesty she’s not ready to move on to marriage and babies just yet. Brian however, sure of his love for Annie is ready to make her his now and forever. But there’s still the issue of Brian and Annie’s friends setting her up to catch Ryan in the act. Though, they were trying to help, how she can accept that and move on. They played part in one of the most horrible and embarrassing moments of her life. And they set it up. If I was her I would be equally pissed. 

Needless to say, Annie is dealing with a lot of inner and outer turmoil. Brian’s desire to speed up their relationship causes Annie to basically panic and leaves her unsure of anything. Her hesitancy is just what her other friend Ben needs. Sure his man whore ways have always been a turn off for Annie, but he’s never felt good enough for her. But he finds it’s harder to fight his feelings and keep Annie strictly as friends. 

To say I felt blindsided throughout this book is a wicked understatement. I had no clue what to expect and around every corner and new tension or dramatic element would arise.  I still feel like I can’t grasp it all and it only makes me feel worse for Annie. Every time she thinks her life is in order or following the right path, the past finds a way to break her heart into a million pieces leaving her more devastated and lost than ever before. 

I refuse to say more because so much happens in this book and though I never expected it, I’m still unsure where things will end for Annie. As far as I know there will be more one book in the series and I can’t wait. Though the drama was enough for Jerry Springer in this one, I was constantly shocked and amazed by S.L. Siwik’s thought provoking but at the same time angering writing. I don’t even know which male I root for anymore so at this point I’m hoping poor Annie can score both Ben and Brian though, this seems more like wishful thinking on my part, because both are equally possessive and not fans of one another in the least. Here’s to hoping for a speedy release of book 3 and a HEA for Annie and the man of her dreams, whoever that may be.


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