Monday, June 24, 2013

Planning on Forever Review

Book Review June 13
Planning on Forever (#1)
by: Ashley Wilcox
★ ★ ★ ☆ 3.5 Stars

Blurb ~ Collin and Alexa are the perfect couple; gorgeous, popular and hopelessly in love. With graduation day nearing and college life on the horizon, Collin flirts with infidelity and loses everything he has with Alexa.

Brokenhearted and single, Alexa meets sexy Nolan Pratt. She can’t deny the attraction and pull that he has over her.

Not being able to accept the fact that he has lost Alexa forever, Collin focuses all his attention on his second love, football, in an attempt to move on.

Will Collin be able to win Alexa’s heart back or will he find that his first love isn’t the love of his life?


This book was all over the place for me. There were so many characters and different story lines going on I found myself often annoyed. It was too high-school if that makes sense. I felt like everyone else’s stories should have been separated into their own POV versions. As it stood so much happened with so many people that it was hard to connect with anyone at all. I was not able to get insight into everyone and it was very annoying. Especially the moments when one character would have one chapter from their POV, like what was the point of that???

Collin and Alexa are a cute couple with college looming in the future when Collin’s pawing hands get him in trouble. He never cheats per se but from there on out the two are kaput. The rest of the story deals with them each finding someone of their own and working away from being together. Considering so many pages in the beginning are them devoting and declaring themselves to one another it was hard to read and amicably follow along when they were pledging their love to someone new within a short short while. 

It was all just okay for me. There were moments I expected to become issues and they were easily glossed right over like Alexa still being in high school and Nolan being in college which is a scene that if discussed we never see. I know she’s 18 but for someone as old as Nolan I thought this was at least something she should have told him considering how and where they meet.  I could just not get into this. Again I feel like there were too many characters and storylines at once. Considering how many books there are in the series I can’t understand why each couple didn’t get their own book, my mind can feasibly wrap around that. All this jumping around and back and forth was overwhelming. I didn’t like all the characters and don’t feel we got to know them enough as it was. With three more books in the series it all seems too much. Each couple sort of got their convoluted story in Planning on Forever and that’s enough for me.


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