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Untoucable Series Review

Series Review Feb. 18-20

The Untouchable Series

Book 1-Untouchable

Book 2-Untraceable

Book 3-Unforgivable

by: Lindsay Delagair
 ★★★ 5 Stars

Ahhh!!!!! OMG, these books are amazing. Imagine the best soap opera ever mixed with the mafia/contract killers and you have Untouchable. It's been a few days since I read these and they are still with me. Lingering. Popping up at the rarest of moments and staying with me until I have either immense anger at certain plot points or want to die with the awesomeness of it all.

Book one was by far the best. I will say, for me at least, the books are extremely predictable. Not in a bad way. At some times the predictability makes it easier to take what's coming. I think what's so special about these books is how raw and real-life they are. Life sucks and this book just proves that. Granted, in a more far-fetched movie-like way.

Book 1 is just like expected. It plays out with a familiarity to many movies but in this case we get to become more connected to the characters. Who they are and why they do what they do. At some points I thought maybe Annalisa had a bit of a secret with her evasive driving and all but turns out she's just from an extremely rich family. Which is sorta what gets her in this mess to begin with. They both lead secret lives as if it's fate that they be together.

Book 2, was again, predictable and upsetting for that matter. But OMG when he loses his shit and goes on the attack I almost died.He might have been under the influence but HOLY CRAP. I kept thinking to myself, that did not just happen. That did not just happen. It did and I had to refrain from throwing my Kindle. Aside from that I still have to rate it five stars. Everything else, not makes up for it, but alleviates some of the pain so I can remember all the other amazing things that this book offers. Like I said before it's real, it's gritty and not for the faint of heart.

By book 3, you just want them to get their happily ever after, finally.One of the worst things about the book is has it's very outlandish and over the top moments but it still maintains that aura of real life. I was a lil upset, okay I lie, extremely furiously angry and appalled by another choice made my Micah. I felt liek I was the one int he relationship with him and I was sickened. Had to actually take a break from reading. But not for long. I could not get it out of my head and agian, once I got past the harshness of it all I again, had no choice but to give this book it's well earn 5 stars.

Can I just say the end was just, ugh, really!!! I mean how everything worked out. I expected it but even in a book the world is not that small. A final truth is revealed and it all just seemed to flow together the ways things can only in books. Her family is just as big of a secret as Micah's.

 This book, no, this series, affected my life. Even with all the shit it throws at you, I could not help but love it. I could not think of anything but it when I wasn't reading and even when I was done with all three just wanted more and more. I'm tempted to read it again less than a week later even knowing every single detail by heart as if it's engrained in my mind. If romantic suspense and New Adult is your thing, do not miss this book. It's a cross between Captive in the Dark and Sempre.


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