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Let Me Love You Review

Book Review Feb. 17

Let Me Love You

(Spring Towers #2)

by : Morgan Rayne

Four years is a long time to keep a secret, but Lindsay Pierce has done just that. In book 2 of the Spring Towers Series, Lindsay fights to keep her dark past hidden, while one sexy fireman tries to convince her to take a chance on happiness.

Kyle has given up his playboy ways, in the hopes of finally finding love. His sights are set on one feisty redhead, but she is determined to stay far away from him. Knowing she has been hurt before, Kyle sets out to prove she can trust him and if he's lucky, she will let him love her the way she deserves.

 ★★ 4 Stars

This book was surprisingly much more exciting to read than A Different Kind of Fairy Tale. Kyle and Lindsay are so perfect for each-other and as she fights the attraction and emotion along the way, you can't help but get excited for the end.  Even with Kyle's man-whore ways, it's so easy to love him and want him to become a better man for Lindsay. And poor Lindsay has a lot to overcome, particularly if she wants to be with Kyle. #1 would be getting over his being a firefighter because of a horrific relationship she had before.

The romantic suspense element within the book is what made it so great in my eyes. You learn bits and peieces of Lindsay's story and you can't help but connect with her and feel her pain. Just like Alex and Stella, Kyle and Lindsay started out as friends. Luckily for Kyle, I think this works in his favor. He has less trust to earn. Their relationship did not seem overly rushed to me. Maybe because they had been friends for a few years or because the emotion felt real between them. Let Me Love you is another easy and fun romantic read that will have you wishing for your own hunky firefighter till the last page.

As with A Different Kind of Fairy Tale, there are numerous spelling and grammar errors. Not a ridiculous amount but enough to anger you and take away from the sincerity of the story.

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