Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lux Series (Releases)

Lux Series

by: Jennifer Armentrout

So I recognize there is a tremendous amount of Daemon fans, from Obsidian out there and now that I am part of the band-wagon I thought a series overview was needed. Why? Well, because we want more!!!

Book I - Obsidian
Released May 2012

Book II - Onyx
Released August 2012

Book III - Opal
Released December 2012

And now we must wait.... For the final 2. On a positive note, there has not been a cliff-hanger that will leave you unhappy or literally willing to sell your soul for the next book just to figure out what happens.

There is also a Book 1/2 that features Dee and Daemon's brother Dawson. (e-book only until Feb. 12th) But a good way to separate the gap between release dates and still stay with the characters you love.

Book IV -  Origin
Release July 2013

Book V - Untitled
Release 2014 (But let's hope sooner, maybe, Fall 2013 *fingers crossed*)

If you haven't read this series, go get it. What are you waiting for. You need to read this, it will make you happy! If you're cheap like me, check the library and they can send it from elsewhere or in my case by it for you and you're still helping the author. Not to mention all the people who will check out the book after you and live a changed life, lol.

On a bright note, many devoted Lux fans are mad there is an end in sight at all. I must say I prefer knowing what to expect and a basic idea on when to expect it. Sometimes reading a series can be the most frustrating thing, when each book is released so far away and you lose that connection you had with the story and the characters. The Morganville Vamp series and The House of Night have added, (thanks to publishing and renewal contracts) but, at some point the same story gets old and there needs to be an end. I cannot believe these two series are going on so long, I mean after 10 is kind of a drag and I need some closure already. Even at that point, don't our characters deserve a break?

Book V predictions and hopes:
  • A miraculous appearance of a ship to return the Lux to their 'non-destroyed' planet, where Katy and Daemon can live in blissful harmony with their bi-racial alien babies.

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