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Title: Black Out
Author: Lila Rose
Series: Hawks MC Series, Book 3
Release Date: December 15, 2014

Genre: Fiction/Humorous/Romance/Erotica 
Cover Designer: Louisa at LM Creations  
Blurb ~  At twenty-four, Clarinda James has lived a traumatic life.
One of the last images she saw before losing her sight was that of her parents' death. The nightmares of that time still haunt her every night.  Taken in at nineteen by her sister, Clary didn’t know there was going to be a price to pay, a price far greater than her blindness. It’s not until Blue walks into her life, she realises it’s possible to experience the joy of warmth. In her darkness, Blue will become her beacon, her guide. Little does she know that she’ll need to count on Blue more than she thought she would.
She has to…if she wants to stay alive.
Blue Skies is on the lookout for a woman. Always there to support his brothers, Talon and Griz, he’s not a stranger to the craziness of love or life. Nor is he a stranger to making it clear that comments surrounding his name are out of bounds. Despite the often effed-up situations his brothers find themselves in as a result of their women, he’s more than happy to settle down when he finds his missing piece.
After three weeks of seeing a gorgeous redhead in a café, he refuses to let the opportunity pass him by. Building a tentative relationship with Clary is no easy task; she’s damaged. It’s not until he discovers the truth behind her darkness that he willing lays claim to her. He is determined to protect her, no matter the cost. She is irrefutably his.

*Copy provided by Author for honest review*
4.5 "Beautiful Blue" Stars

Black Out was such a refreshing twist on the recently popular MC novels. I am still surprised by how much I enjoyed this book mostly because I found myself laughing and just enjoying the characters early on. It was an adventure and just plain fun to read, with some off the charts steamy moments. Perhaps Clary’s blindness makes her more endearing from the get go, at least for me, but her sweet naivety and vulnerability could win anyone over. It’s not every day a main character has such a obvious character flaw, most are hidden deep inside but Clary’s is forefront in every moment of her life.

Clary may be blind, but she's anything but helpless, at least where Blue and his club is concerned. Clary barely survived a fire that took her parents lives. Losing her eyesight was just another loss for her. Thrust into a new and unseeing world, Clary is forced to live with her sister. Immediately meeting Clary’s sister I hated her. The way she treats, talks and blames Clary is repulsive. In many ways I was sad and angered on Clary’s behalf, but being blind and trying to live alone is a hurdle Clary does not believe she is ready for. 

Clary goes two places: the library where she listens to audio books and the café where she can relax and hopefully hear/smell- the impossible to not be HOTT- Blue who also frequents the café.  There may be an instant attraction on both their parts and trust me it’s believable even though Clary can’t see but this is no insta-love, insta-relationship between Blue and Clary. Building something between them will be no easy road with life, family and Clary’s vulnerability barring the way.

Though this is an MC novel, it’s not MC heavy meaning there is more focus on the relationship than the dynamics of the club. Sure it’s still there and Blue being a member is very important to him, but then again so is Clary. I once again would like to point out that this book has some hysterical moments. I mean how many times have you a sex scene in which the heroine gets poked in the eye with a dick. And don’t worry, I’ve ruined nothing, the scene and a few others will have you clutching your belly. 
Black Out is the third book in the series, but it’s the first I’ve read and I was not once lost, confused or separated from the story. Other characters from the previous books are featured a bunch and having met them, I am eager to go back and read their stories, however, feel free to jump in as I did. The author does a great job of keeping the storyline on track and easy to follow. Though it’s not jammed packed full of drama and action, there are still enough moments that make this a very enjoyable read and one that will keep you up late into the night. MC fans will be pleased and so will everyone else.

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I was born in Brisbane, Australia. My step-dad was in the Army, which caused us to move around a lot. We finally settled in country Victoria, Australia. I am the youngest of four children and I can say that I was spoilt a bit. I drove my mum crazy when I refused to eat meat at a young age. Now I live with my husband and two children, and I find myself regretting all the troubles I put my parents through because my monsters are just as picky as I was.

I started writing in 2013 and self-published the first of the Hawks MC Club series Holding Out. The next to follow was something different, I wrote Senseless Attraction, a YA novel. Soon I was back to the Hawks series with number two Climbing Out. I have more to write in the series, but there will be also be more novels in the humorous erotica genre, like Left to Chance, which is out now.


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