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Taken Tour with Review, Promo and Giveaway

by Koko Brown
Expected publication: July 7th, 2014

The playboy...
Khalid Francois Duïs is a man who isn't afraid to take what he wants. And what he wants is Olivia Pierce. As his best friend's sister, she was supposed to be off limits but Olivia quickly becomes a fever in his blood he simply can't shake. He will do whatever it takes to have her with him and underneath him, even it means kidnapping.

The independent woman...
Olivia Pierce vows to never marry, instead choosing to focus on her career. But a clandestine encounter with Khalid’s threatens her resolve. Though her mind says no, her body screams yes! Her only option is to reject the the arrogant industrialist who believes a woman's place is in his bed.

When Olivia rejects Khalid's advances, he takes matters in his own hands and whisks her away to placate his obsession. From the tempestuous passion of their first encounter, across stormy seas, to a beautiful oasis in Africa, Olivia becomes his prisoner and a slave to Khalid’s all-consuming seduction. 


About Koko

Koko Brown is an USA TODAY Bestselling author and romance junkie who once read over 200 Zebra romance Club novels the summer before her senior year in high school.
Her writing career began at the tender age of nine when she self-published and distributed a newspaper for her fellow classmates. Unfortunately, her grade-school principal Mr. Clark didn’t appreciate the competition and put her out of business after one best-selling issue.
Undaunted, Koko continued to write and read everything she could get her hands on. She honed her writing skills as a staff writer on her college’s newspaper, writing obituaries for the local newspaper, and even teaching American Literature.
One day, while daydreaming in bed, she came up with the idea for her first erotic manuscript. Taking a hiatus from teaching, she had enough time on her hands to flesh out the story in two short weeks.  A month later, she cleaned it up and sent it to Ellora’s Cave .  By January, she received a revision letter from one of their editors and by March she signed a contract for her vampire erotic novel Charmed.
Koko calls the east coast of Florida home. Even though she’s a multipublished author of interracial erotic romance, she has a life.  She loves to travel (three continents, 20+ countries and 38 states so far), shop in thrift stores, ride motorcycles, and volunteering.

My Review
3.5 Stolen Stars
June 28. 2014
Copy Provided by Author for Honest Review

I’m not really sure how I feel about Taken. I guess I thought I would like it more than I did. Khalid really is a man stuck in his ways. One look at Olivia and he has to have her, even with the obvious scorn and sexual tension she shoots his way. I did appreciate the slow buildup into a relationship, I just wish both these characters weren’t so thickheaded and knew how to communicate better.

A strong willed American woman and a privileged foreigner always spells trouble. In this case trouble doesn’t come close. Khalid whisks Olivia away from everything she knows including her brother/closest friend and her beloved job as a nurse. Obviously she is unhappy about the turn of events especially when she learns of her captors identity. Olivia wants nothing more than to escape Khalid and his island paradise in Africa and return back home. It’s up to Khalid to win her over, but as a man who does not woo but rather gets what he wants from a woman and moves on has a lot to learn about Olivia.

Again I hated how thickheaded these characters were. One minute you think everything is going well until the lingering doubts presented by another turns life upside down. I admired Olivia’s personal voice since even though she was hard-pressed to admit her attraction to Khalid himself she never once tried to lie to herself about her true feelings, which basically consisted of her wanting to rip off his tunic with her teeth. I also felt that Khalid was not as strong and determined as I once thought. After everything he goes through and his perseverance to obtain Olivia, I was disappointed in his decision and the forthcoming downfall he takes.

Overall this was a common story with an interesting twist. We’ve all read the common capture story mixed with Stockholm Syndrome but I didn’t get that feeling here. Khalid and Olivia have chemistry from the first moment their eyes meet. Though Khalid literally kidnaps Olivia she’s not mistreated in any dark ways. The setting made for some interesting details and the change of scenery made the book stand out. Even though I periodically disliked the characters I read the book in one sitting and was pleased in the end. If the blurb catches your attention, I highly suggest you take a chance to be Taken. 


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