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Unbearable Review

May 21. 2014

Unbearable (Port Fare #3)
by:Sherry Gammon

Blurb ~  
Booker Gatto is done. Done with women, his old life, all of it. Only the love of his friends in Port Fare keeps him going as he leaves the MET in exchange for the quiet
life his new law practice will provide.
Tess Selleck, once as ambitious and determined as she is smart and beautiful, had to leave everything and everyone she loves in San Diego to escape the man who destroyed her dreams and now wants her dead.
Together Booker and Tess find love when they least expect it, until their pasts drive
them apart. Is there a happily ever after for these damaged lovers? Or is the thought of loving and trusting again simply Unbearable?


My Review & Rating

4.5~This is the Cat's MEOW~Stars
Copy provided by Author for Honest Review

Sherry Gammon has done it again. Both shocked and amazed me. I can’t believe my lazy-ass has still not read ~Unbelievable (#2) ~ I know I’m certifiable since I loved the first book and can happily admit to re-reading it a few times. When I saw the blurb for this book it had my fingers twitching and I needed it like air. And guess who wasn’t disappointed. I was amazed, shocked, disturbed but most of all in love. Something about Sherry’s writing sucks you in and makes the Port Fare world come alive. The characters and their relationships become a personal obsession and unless they are happy you won’t be either. (But have no fear there is a HEA here….) ---- > Excuse that totally unintentional and no less lame rhyme.

Before I even start this review and get into the good stuff I want to apologize ahead of time for all the graphics. Why cats you’re probably wondering. Well they play a very large comical role in this book and I couldn’t deny myself…
Fist let me say I loved going back into Port Fare. Not only are the old characters around, they play a large role in Booker’s story. Then again when you’re friends are your family, it’s impossible to get them or keep them out of your life. But with a family including Cole, Lilah, Seth and Maggie I don’t know why you wouldn’t want them. The connection between the group is really faceted and strong. Years of harsh realities and hard living have toughened the members of the group but everyone is nothing but grateful. Well maybe not Booker who is a hard nut to crack. Booker has a lot of self-realization to go through and Tess may just be the one to lift the rock he’s been hiding under. Poor Booker has been living under a rock and spends more time working out than making out. A rarity from our usual man-whores (thank-you Sherry), but he uses all that extra time bulking up. Let’s just say this boy has a lot of built up tension that he needs to let out and Tess is one lucky girl.
Literally from the start the story will grab your attention. I mean Booker has to fulfill a bet in a dress, can we say laugh out loud funny and a great lead in. There is no insta-love here but there is insta-like. Tess can recognize how hot Booker is, so could a blind woman. Booker has an amazing personality to boot. He is that good guy saving kittens in trees and carrying old women’s groceries all while cracking a joke and internally groaning. Tess, with her obvious and awkward disguise appreciates all this but she’s still dealing with a rough past so dating is not on her schedule not when she’s trying to remain hidden. Booker has a tough road ahead if he is going to convince Tess to give him a chance then again Booker prefers to live a life less eventful and Tess and her secrets are a explosion waiting to happen.
With neither of them wanting to be in a relationship or expecting to be in one, their love story, once it began, was a painful road to happiness since the past never seems to stay dead. I usually am able to predict plot points and details when I am reading. Sure the obvious signs were all there in certain scenes but I am happy to say that things didn’t always go expected. Surely not in regards to Tess’s past which came back with a horrible  hold no punches fury.
Sherry’s writing style is really unique in that I felt each sentence and word mattered. Nothing was overcrowded or boggled down but carried just enough detail to suck you in and allow you to visualize her world. If there were spelling and grammar mistakes I honestly couldn’t say since I was too into everything that was happening.

Even if you’ve never read any of the Port Fare books Unbearable is a beautiful love story filled with love, anguish and pain, family, suffering and so much more I could go on all day. Each book can be read as a stand-alone but I really do suggest starting in the beginning. Seth and Maggie grew on me and I loved seeing them again, especially Maggie who constantly badgers Booker. My stomach was actually hurting from laughing so hard at times and I witnessing the camaraderie between Booker and Maggie was like two little kids fighting over a stick in the mud. There was no point to it, but neither will admit defeat. Comical and Beautiful wrapped in a bow. I definitely recommend reading this book. Those with tendencies to lean away from the harsher topics like abuse and rape should steer clear otherwise prepare yourself for another piece Port Fair to consume your life, you’ll do nothing but sit back and enjoy! Promise…

On a side note the epilogue was EPIC and takes place ten years later. And Damn Sherry for almost giving me a heart attack in the end, until I realized she is just a tricky mind-f*ck of a lady and an excellent writer. The end of the book had me at the edge of my seat, I won’t say more but make sure you are NOT on your lunch break when your finishing the last few chapters. I almost had to fake an illness just to finish and get to the bottom of things. In the end, Sherry you are a magical genius but I still am mad you almost played me like that, not to mention left me mildly heartbroken and scared!!! Can’t wait for more.

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  1. Thank you!!! What an AWESOME review!!! LOVE the cat GIF'S!! And sorry for tricking you in the end...but not really, HAHA! ;))

  2. Great review, and I entirely agree.


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