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Sweet Ruin Blog Tour with Excerpt, Giveaway and Promo

Title: Sweet Ruin (University of Branton #3)
Author: Nazarea Andrews
Release Date:  March 13. 2014

Sweet Ruin Synopsis:

It’s good to be on top… Asher Knox has it all. Girls, wealth, a career most would kill for. He’s just landed the biggest job of his career. And he’s miserable.

She’s fighting her way from the bottom… Megan Beauchamp has no illusions about why she was chosen to be Asher’s PA. She’s pretty, and down to earth, and everything the Hollywood star always falls for. Too bad Megan is just paying her dues and has no interest in anything but advancing at her PR firm.

He’ll throw it all away…Luca James knows what he wants. And he’s waited a long time for the window to open—when it does, he’ll walk away from the career he’s built for a chance at something real.

When Megan’s boss threatens to fire her, Luca and Asher convince her to leave town with them. Between bad hotels and pit stop confessionals, the three are drawn closer together. And the lines blur even more in Branton, where Megan is forced to look at everything she left behind. But when the boys want more, Megan will be forced to choose between the men she loves and the life she thought she wanted. And in a town like Branton, the secrets she keeps won’t be hidden for long.

Warning: for mature audiences. Two sexy men + one sassy heroine = hot sex.

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The doorbell rings, followed by an impatient rap that gets my hackles up. I want to turn away when a rough, masculine voice yells, “Open the damn door, English.”
I jerk it open, and a black man spills inside. A statuesque young woman in stilettos, black hair a sharp line around her face brightened by a streak of pink, and a silver scrap of material they’re passing off as a dress stumbles in after him.
He’s carrying Megan, her long hair spilling down his arm, one hand looped around his neck as she cuddles into him.
“Where the hell is the couch?” he mutters then makes a pleased noise and dumps her on my sofa.
Megan makes a sharp noise of surprise, and I shout, “Hey! What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Oh, god, Ash, keep your damn voice down,” Meg whimpers.
The other girl giggles. “She said the tats weren’t real.”
I flush, looking down. I forgot I wasn’t wearing a shirt.
“What the hell is going on?”
The man—the same one from the bar on New Year’s Eve—points at her, “Megan insisted. She was too drunk to call—and I took her phone,” he adds, completely unapologetic. I study him a little closer, and realization hits. I saw his head shot at the call back today.
“Luca James, right?”
He looks a little startled, but nods. “Yeah.”
“I think we’ll be working together.”
Confusion clears. “On Black Tides? I heard they were talking to you.”
I glance quickly at Megan—she looks like she’s passed out.
Luca makes a slight disgruntled noise. “No, English. She doesn’t talk about you or your work. I work in this town too. I hear things.”
There’s a crash from the kitchen, and Luca rolls his eyes. “Excuse me.” He strides away. “Sun, get out of the man’s fridge.”
I turn back to the sofa and the girl snoring on it. What the hell is she doing here?
I crouch next to her and brush the hair from her face. “Drank too much,” she mumbles.
“I see that.” I laugh, softly. She nestles into my caress, and I go still, shocked. What. The. Hell?
“You didn’t call. Was worried.”
“It’s your day off, Meggy. I didn’t want to disturb you.”
She giggles, a noise at odds with the no nonsense woman I’m used to seeing.
Of course, the girl in a slinky halter top, painted on jeans, and strappy heels, wasted on my couch, isn’t what I’m used to seeing either.
“You’re an idiot,” she says clearly and then rolls over.

Nazarea Andrews Bio

Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

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