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Stealing Grace Review

Book Review 
December 25.2013
Stealing Grace (Stolen Hearts #1)
by:Shelly Crane
4 Stars

Blurb ~ Elena is young, vivacious and alone. She left her troubled family to start a new life but is kidnapped one night waiting on the bus and soon learns she's been sold to be a wife on the human trafficking market. Her new husband takes her home and she waits for the abuse to start. But it doesn't. Alex is different than any other man she's ever met and though he stole her from her life, Elena learns that maybe there's more to the story. Maybe there was a purpose. Can she help save the other women who are stuck in hell with her? Can they do good while staying under the radar? Most importantly, can she allow herself to love the man who kidnapped her?

My Review 

So the first thing to admit is this is no DARK ROMANCE. Don’t let the title or blurb confuse you. Sure Elana is practically kidnapped but it’s not in any way for sexual abuse or any real dark elements. 

Alex has Elana kidnapped because that’s his way of life. His community has always ‘kidnapped’ their wives, it’s just the way. Alex in no way wants to harm Elana, in fact he only has her now because at his age it was looked down upon in the community to not have a wife. So Alex marries Elana and Elana slowly learns that Alex means her no harm. Sure she never wanted to be a part of any of it but Alex is kindhearted and explains things to her to help make her understand. 

I really enjoyed this story even though it was nothing like I expected. Elana slowly grows into her role as Alex’s wife and even becomes accepting of it. In time feelings begin to grow and Elana is actually grateful to Alex. 

The two don’t immediately jump into husband and wife roles. Elana may cook and take care of the home but she is not allowed to leave nor have they consummated their marriage. As Alex shows his true kind colors Elana’s guard drops. When she witnesses the behavior of another new husband in the community she is outraged and also slightly grateful that Alex is her husband. 

Elana just grows into her role and even takes on a mothering figure to the other community wives. She helps show them how their lives and marriages should be. I even enjoyed the fact the Elana was able to show one husband the error of his ways which led to him and his wife truly being in love. 

Overall I enjoyed this story though it didn’t go in the direction I expected. Elana deals with so much and always comes out on top even with dire circumstances. Together her and Alex have a beautiful relationship that doesn’t happen overnight. The storyline was engaging and kept a steady pace throughout that was easy to follow.


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