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Unclaimed Review

Book Review 
January 23. 2014
Unclaimed (Kole Family #1)
by: S. Brent
3.5 Stars

Blurb ~ Lincoln is the unclaimed, bastard son of a rock star. Pru spent her entire life being overlooked by everyone, including her parents. Too many drinks led to a one-night stand neither of them can forget. When fate brings them back together they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Can an unclaimed bastard find a way to claim what his heart desires most?

Dear Reader,

Being the oldest son of an infamous rock star is an amazing thing. To bad nobody knows because dear old Dad could care less about me. I’m the unclaimed, bastard son of a rock star.

As the unclaimed, the unacknowledged, I can live my life how I want, which is more like my father than my mother will ever admit. She won’t even admit he’s my father. I’m a moody, womanizing ass. I know it. I love it. It’s a good life. Until her.

A birthday celebration, too many drinks, and a one-night stand and I’m hooked, addicted. I wasn’t looking for a relationship when I collided with Prudence Kennedy Thompson. A sexy, college co-ed with big, brown eyes and long, wavy, brown hair.

We aren’t a perfect match. I’m tall. She’s short. She’s rich. I’m, well, not. We are completely different. I want her, can’t live without her, but can we find a way to fit together? Can I, an unclaimed bastard, find a way to claim what my heart desires most?

Lincoln O’Neil

My Review 
I totally read this book in one sitting. It was almost impossible to put down even to go to the bathroom. So why the 3.5 star rating? Well, to be honest there were an overwhelming amount of grammar errors. As much as I loved the story the errors kept distracting me and causing me to distance from the story. Add to that Lincoln’s idiotic and pasny-ish behavior and I was not a happy camper. Don’t get me wrong the storyline is great and truly has promise but the errors make it hard to remember how good it all is.

Lincoln and Prudence couldn’t be more different if they tried. Prudence comes from a wealthy family who likes to boss her around and Lincoln who works as a tattoo artist has never even met his rock star father. A night on the town brings these two together. Lincoln is immediately captivated by the little pixie near the bar and has to get to know her. One thing leads to another and both Lincoln and Prudence share a memorable night together. Neither expects to see the other again but when Prudence walks into Lincoln’s tattoo shop looking to get her first tattoo, Lincoln can’t wait to get her on his table.

Neither Prudence nor Lincoln can deny their feelings for one another. Slowly the two are in a relationship and things are going strong.

Lincoln has always felt less than normal because of his father’s identity. With numerous other brothers and sisters out there claimed by his father, Lincoln can’t help but feel lower than low as the only unclaimed child. The more Lincoln learns about Prudence the less he sees in himself. Even though Prudence’s family is wealthy, she is not a spoiled brat or even one to expect the finer things in life.

Prudence is happy just getting by. She wants to be a school teacher and goes against her parents’ wishes of her being a Dr. Considering the non-relationship they share, it’s amazing they even remember they have a daughter.

One night out with Prudence’s parents is all it takes to push Lincoln away. As much as I could understand Lincoln’s side of things I really just wanted him to man up and take responsibility for his own life and stop blaming it on his dead beat dad. In no way did Prudence ever make him think she thought less of him or expected more from him. But alas he can’t see things clearly and makes a huge mistake pushing Prudence away. Pitchfork time ladies. I was truly out for blood and when Prudence struggles to get over Lincoln and another dilemma falls in her lap all Lincoln does is avoid her. Ugh he was such a pussy at times, excuse my French, he went completely against his tattooed bad-boy persona.

Overall aside from the unrealistic expectations of Prudence’s parents and Lincoln I really enjoyed this story. Prudence was one hell of a main character she is easily a favorite of mine. From her awesome outfits to her dedication to learning and school Prudence is someone I could not only easily befriend but look up to. She helped saved the story for me. Her determination and spirit is admirable because even with her parents trying to run her life, and losing her heart, Prudence never gives up. If you can overlook all the errors I would highly recommend this book. I loved it even though Lincoln sometimes made me want to scream. Yah, for a HEA….


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