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More than One Night Review

Book Review 
October 11. 2013
More than One Night
by:Marie Tuhart
3 Stars

Blurb ~ Bartender Beth Grant has sworn off men after yet another failed relationship, but when a friend dares her to dance with a handsome stranger, she's tempted by the fantasy. Jake turns out to be dashing, charming and very rich, everything Beth avoids. But she can't resist, and one dance turns into an evening of exquisite passion. Beth vows not to repeat a night like this, despite liking the mysterious Jake--a lot.

Successful business owner Jake Masters knows he's met his dream girl the minute he lays eyes on Beth across the crowded dance floor. But the next morning she disappears and all he has is her first name. Jake vows to go to any length to get more than one night with Beth, and when he discovers she has a jaded past, he puts his heart and soul at risk to prove he's the one.


My Review 

This book was just okay. To be honest it was just a struggle to finish. It’s rare I pray for a book to end but with this one, every page was one too many. In fact I read this awhile ago, and couldn’t even make myself write this short review until now.

 Beth and Jake suffer insta-love to the max. Though in all fairness I think it’s more a case of insta-lust from Beth’s side. Beth has a bad history when it comes to relationships. The last thing she wants is to jump into another one. After one thing leads to another and an awesome night of sex later, Beth is ready to move on. Jake however, is not done with Beth. In fact all Jake can think about is, you guessed it, one more night and many more like it. When Beth disappears the morning after, Jake will stop at nothing to make her his and find out what made her run. It was so very common to many other books. Add to the fact there was nothing overly special about it other than the blurb states and you get a very straightforward and concise plan from Jake’s POV to get the girl… Ooohhhh…..

There was just nothing special about this book. Nothing over the top or dramatic to catch my attention. It was just simple, to the point and it was a struggle to finish. Even the connection between the two felt more like a sizzling fire rather than an inferno. One word sums up this book perfectly B-O-R-I-N-G because I couldn’t take more than one page.


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