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Winning Back Ryan Review

Book Review 
August 4. 2013
Winning Back Ryan
by: S.L. Siwik
4 Stars

Blurb ~ After a horrible day at work, I came home to find my boyfriend...in a curious position. After determining why he was unhappy, I, Anne Watson, decided to try and fix our broken relationship. My four closest male friends, however, had another idea. Revenge.

My Review 

Have you ever come across a book that is almost impossible to gather your thoughts around? Well, that’s how I feel about Winning Back Ryan. It’s one of those stories that until you read it, it’s truly hard to determine if you’ll like it or not. In fact most of the story I disliked the main character but slowly as she revealed more and more of herself it was easy to understand why she made the decisions she did and how she came about them in the first place. I’ll admit the blurb pretty much sums up the whole story though, so if that alone is a turn-off then I suggest moving on. 
I was sort of disappointed by the blurb. To me it makes the story seem a bit more exciting than it really was. The dramatic attempted rape scene doesn’t happen till the very end and most of the story consists of Anne whining about Ryan, the cheating scum who for some reason she wants back. I got this book for FREE and I’ll admit it was a steal. I’m not one for stories where the heroine is weak, spineless or even pines after the asshhole. But Anne was an endearing character. Having been raised in a stricter environment than most of us are accustomed to, she was determined to not screw up her life plans. Having given herself to Ryan and dedicated a portion of her life to their relationship walking away is not in her plans. And Lord help this girl because even when she walks into Ryan throwing an orgy in their apartment she still has a difficult time sorting her feelings. Where most of us would grab a knife after catching him the first time, she still can’t, no she won’t give up. 

Anne’s friends don’t like Ryan, in fact its news to Anne when she finds out they never did. Instead they tolerated him for her sake. Her best friend Brian becomes a bigger shoulder for her to lean on than ever before. Eventually she begins to see Brian’s feelings for her but rather than betray Ryan and ruin her friendship she backs off. Of course Ryan is still in the background and once Anne begins to move on and let go, the ever present ex is back to cause more trouble. 
There were many things I didn’t like about this story. More like actions of the characters. For instance when the truth of her friends betrayal and participation in Ryan’s cheating come into play. I can never understand why people have to do things so ridiculous and out of the ordinary when a simple conversation will suffice. I also was not on board with Anne’s plan to lure Ryan back in. Although this was an interesting concept for the story because though, I know personally, I would never try and regain the heart of someone who so carelessly stomped all over mine, there are many people out there as determined and strong-willed as Anne to not give up. 
The writing and story overall was good. There are many serious issues tackled within the story and I thought that together they helped make it stronger and serve as a representation of each characters personality. I wish Anne could have found her own self-worth earlier on and moved on from Ryan right when he showed his true colors but alas, sometimes even the strongest of souls find it hard to give up on those they love, especially when you have so many years already invested with them. But I’ll be honest when push comes to shove, this girl will fight tooth and nail. Ryan better watch out because when she reaches her boiling point, there’s no simmer option for her.  Fans of friends to lover relationships will enjoy this story. I will certainly read other work from this author and look forward to what other craziness she has in store for us.


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