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SPECIAL: Happy B-day Shoutout to Tate and Jared with Giveaway and Special Excerpt

Excerpt from Until You 
Releasing December 2013
Tate Meets Jaxon for the First Time

“Son of a bitch,” I grunted, sitting up in bed.
Arching my leg, I rested my forehead in my hand with my elbow propped up on my knee.
I’m so fucked.
My dick was throbbing so hard it hurt.
I was waking up with constant hard-ons, and it was like I was thirteen all over again.   
I was actually waking up in pain with the heat and blood rushing south, and the only thing I wanted was under lock and key next door.
Tate and I hadn’t made love since her dad got back in town, and he was keeping pretty good tabs on her. Who knew when I’d get her alone again?
It was going to be a long fucking year. That was for sure.
There were no plans on what I was going to do about college, but one thing was for certain. Wherever I ended up, I looked forward to visiting Tate and screwing her brains out in privacy, without parents around.
A creak interrupted my thoughts, and my head shot up, out of my hand to see Tate stepping in quietly.
Tate? My heart stopped beating.
She shut the door and leaned back against it.
“Tate?” I stared at her, wide-eyed, as she smirked at me.
My girl smirked.  
“Please tell me you’re thinking about me.” Her lips were soft and playful as she purred her words.
She was fucking me.
With her look, fierce and urgent. With her mouth, moist and open. With her voice, smooth and taunting, and I was ready to thank my lucky stars that she was here.   
“Are you kidding?” I raised my eyebrows and whipped off the blanket, gesturing to the very hard bulge poking through the jeans I’d fallen asleep in. “Look at this shit. I can’t think straight.”
And I jumped out of bed and rushed her. Our lips melted together, and the sweetness of how her body molded to mine made me regret every other girl I’d touched.
She tasted so good, like hot apples and an angry sky, and it was fucking candy in my mouth.
Tate knew how to move with me. When I leaned in, she arched back. When I pulled back, she read my mind and opened her neck to me.
“Wait,” she gasped. “Your front door was open. I didn’t see your mom when I walked in, but she’s got to be up.”
I shook my head, teasing her. “You started this. And this isn’t your house. There are no rules here.” I smiled and leaned over to my iPod dock and switched on In This Moment’s Adrenalize to drown out our noise.
“Come here,” I whispered, pulling her by the hips into my body.
But she pushed me away.
Disappointment---no, pain and confusion—racked through me.
“Wha—,” I started to ask but sucked in my breath when she started peeling off her clothes.
Her little, white tank top?
Her pajama shorts and panties?
Off in a single movement.
And when she came up to me, I was high on adrenaline again.
I glided my fingers up her sides and then down over her beautiful breasts. Her skin was silky and firm, like an angle’s wings.
I didn’t even have time to reach for my nightstand drawer before she pushed me down on the bed and straddled me.
“Tate, a condom,” I gasped out, unable to think anymore.
Holy fucking shit.
My whole body shook with the need, ache, and blood pumping through my cock. I needed to be inside of her.
“Pants,” she ordered, and when she leaned over to grab a condom, I knew what she meant.
After about three seconds, the rubber was on, and I thrust up and inside of her.
We stilled for a minute, and a I felt the cool sweat on my neck as I soaked her in.
Jesus Christ.
Tight, wet, and hot.
Her lips crashed down on mine, and I dove into her mouth, moving my tongue against hers as we gasped and came back for more.
“Jared,” she whispered between kisses. “More…I always want more.”
Her hips started moving back and forth, up and down my cock, making a sweet tightness race down my arms and legs.  
Her heavenly skin felt like cream, and I grabbed her ass in my hands, jerking her down on me as the room filled with wet heat.
God… she loved me.
I still couldn’t believe it, but she did.
“What do you want more of? Say it,” I breathed against her lips, desperate and fucking lost in my need for her skin, her smell, her fire...
“I want more of you.” She closed her eyes, and dropped her head back as her body rocked into mine. “Every morning, every night, I think about you.”  
Her head came back down, and her fingers fisted in my hair. “I want to feel you all day, Jared.”
Yeah, it was going to be a long fucking year.
Wrapping my arm around her waist, I whipped us around, so she lay on the bottom, and I fucked the love of my life hard enough, so that she would feel me.
All. Damn. Day.
“Ahhh,” she moaned, her desperate eyes meeting mine.
“I love you, Tatum Brandt.” I put my hand over her mouth, and pounded into her harder. “Now, come.”
I fucking hated rushing. But I knew my mom was already up, and our talking and moaning would draw attention. Even with the music.
“Jesus Christ, baby. You feel good.” I dropped my mouth to her breast and sucked her nipple into my mouth.
I knew my back was drenched with sweat already, and I almost smiled when I tasted her salty skin. She felt this as much as I did, and we were crazy for each other.
Her thighs tensed around me, her nails dug into my back, and I felt her pulsate from the inside as she held her breath.
She was coming, and I looked up to see her eyes flutter close. After a few moments she let out a little whimper and exhaled against my hand.
I always knew when Tate came. She had a thing about holding her breath.
The pressure inside of me was at its breaking point.
I leaned over her, looked down into her exhausted and happy face, and dived into her a few more times before letting it all go.
Cool fire spread through my veins, and all of the air left my body as I collapsed on top of her.
“Jared, I need a clean shir—oh.”
My head snapped up, and Tate squealed, pulling my body down as much over hers as she could manage.
“What the fuck?!” I was naked as hell, and Jax just stood there, wide-eyed with his lips formed in a circle. “Get the hell out!” I yelled.
After a pause, he broke out in a grin and snorted. “Hey, you must be Tate. I’m Jaxon.” And the fucker held out his hand for her to shake.
Thankfully, Tate was under me, but my ass was hanging out for the world to see. The dickhead had left the door open.
“Um….hi, Jaxon. Nice to meet you.” Tate peeked out and offered her hand bashfully.
They shook, and the stupid prick stood there smiling.
“Get the fuck out,” I whispered, my eyes burning with murder.
“Jared, why are you yelling?” My mother poked her head in, and Tate shrunk up into a ball underneath me again.
    Oh, what the fuck?!
“Jared!” My mother’s shocked gasp, when she noticed the extra arms and legs, caused me to clench my teeth.
Jax had descended into a fit of laughter by this point, and his face was turning red.
How could such a good start to a day turn so badly so quickly?


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