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A Tattered Love Tour with Review and Promo

Title: A Tattered Love
Author: Nickie Seidler
Genre: Suspenseful Romance
Release Date: October 3rd, 2013

Riley Miller wants nothing more than to leave her past behind and never speak of it again. The damage caused by what has happened has made her build walls keeping people out. Starting over isn't easy. After a move to Cape Cod to escape the dark and haunting secrets, she meets Abby and Evan. Instantly becoming best friends, shy and quiet Riley tries to break out of her shell with the help from her new friends. Just as she begins to settle into a comfortable routine, Riley meets Evan's friend Dustin.
Life as Riley knows it will never be the same.
Looking for love is the last thing on Dustin’s to do list, if it’s even on there at all. Living with some significant secrets of his own, Dustin tries to keep from getting in too deep with anyone. But, he finds himself drawn to the timid, yet stunning Riley. Can they both accept the past and develop a relationship? Or will the skeletons in both of their closets keep them from ever moving on?

About the Author:
Born and raised in the Chicago-land area, Nickie Seidler is a up and coming young author. Her new-found dream of being a writer has led to the completion of her first book "A Lucky Second Chance". Nickie is married, and when not writing, enjoys cooking new recipes for them to try, water aerobics, car racing and spending quality time with family and friends. She is currently writing her third book to be released early 2014.
My Review
3.5 Stars ★★★☆
October 16. 2013
ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review
This was a sweet romance and a very quick read. It started off interesting enough. Both the characters are hesitant to start a relationship but they can't deny the sparks. What through me was once they were together everythign was so rushed. It felt like I was holding down the fast forward button and just zooming by. Another thing that through me was the insta-attraction/love. It felt a bit forced and beleive it or not a bit too fast even for what I'm used to reading about. What made it more great, interesting and not so-typical was the added suspense and mystery. You'll be rooting for their happy ending and hope that admist all the drama that evenetually that will be possible.

The amount of drama in this book was ridiculous. Everywhere you look there's something popping up from crazy exes to secrets that remain hidden under old shoe boxes in someones closet. Every-time you stop and take a breath another dreaded mishap occurs. After awhile it became a bit unrealistic and unbelievable.
 However through all this Dustin and Riley somehow persevere. They get their HEA and thank the Lord for that. The drama these two went to would send a normal person to the crazy-house in seconds flat. Needless to say I'm glad I wasn't Riley even with Dustin's hotness. There is only so much drama and surprises one can take and this girl sees her fair share.

Be prepared to not only love soem of the characters like Riely's friend Abby but just as equally loathe some of the others. One for instance is Dustin's mom. She takes the cake in the worst mother of the year award. You know the type. Rich, stuck-up woman who will never see anyone that is good enough for her son and does any and all she can to control his life even if that means threatening and ruining his relationships. She was such a drag. She butts in more times than I could count and I really wish Dustin would have stood up to her more or really just laid into her. Also maybe I'm getting sick of the played out 'rich mother' card but I felt these two had so many other issues happening that a mother butting in was just an added dilemna that drowned out other parts of the story. 

Overall I enjoyed the story. It was literally overflowing with drama and deceit but I finished it and was thoroughly pleased with their HEA. I thought it would never come. This certainly works as a NA novel and I would recommend it to fans of the genre but be warned the dramatic elements sometimes overthrow the main dynamic of the story and like my case you may find yourself pulling your hair out before the end.

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Praise from others
"A Tattered Love is captivating! The love Riley and Dustin share is
indescribable. They have to decide if going off feelings, attraction, and love will work when everything else doesn't..." Author B. E. Laine

"A Tattered Love is a raw emotional journey of love and passion.  Riley loves Dustin but feels like the challenges they face could destroy them both.  Dustin knows his life includes Riley but has demons that must be faced.  Together these two personify the belief that love and faith conquer all." Author Brandy Dorsch

"I never knew what would happen next. When I thought I had it figured
out,  the author would surprise me with another twist. If you love angst and tension filled books then this is a must read." Author Glenna Maynard


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