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Sweet Thing Review

Book Review June 16
Sweet Thing
by: Renee Carlino
★★★☆ 3.5 Stars 

Blurb ~ Mia Kelly is a twenty-five-year-old walking Gap ad who thinks she has life figured out when her father’s sudden death uproots her from slow-paced Ann Arbor to New York City’s bustling East Village. There she discovers her father’s spirit for life and the legacy he left behind with the help of an old café, a few eccentric friends, and one charming musician.

Will Ryan is good-looking, poetic, spontaneous, and on the brink of fame when he meets Mia, his new landlord, muse, and personal heartbreaker.

A story of self-discovery and friendship, Sweet Thing shines light on the power of loving and letting go.


*ARC received from author for Honest Review*

For some reason Sweet Thing reminded me a lot of Slammed. Don’t be fooled they are not really alike, at all, but something about it (maybe the writing style) reminded me of Will and Layken. Sweet Thing was just that, sweet!! I really enjoyed the story but I’ll be honest the main character Mia was not my favorite. At about 1/3 of the way in I really could not stand her and wanted to steal Will for myself. She was annoying, stupid, mean, selfish and simply an idiot. I felt so bad for Will I did not and still can’t understand his infatuation with her. 

Will and Mia meet on a plane. Neither expects to really see each other again, as Mia is in mourning and moving to the city to take over her late father’s business and settle his affairs. Over time of course the two meet up and sparks fly. But Mia denies the attraction. (She’s not the brightest bulb.) Instead, she invites him to be her roommate, thinking this will make it easier to keep him just as a friend.
I swear the two must hurt each other more than anything, though I’d say she can definitely take most of the blame. I found myself hating her more and more as the story went on. At one point she starts dating a stuck up guy who she really doesn’t even like, it was maddening. 

Overall the storyline was great, I would have preferred the story without Mia but other than that no complaints lol. The writing was great, no errors, smooth and flawless transitions that made it easy to follow and even with my extreme hatred for Mia I could not put it down. Cannot wait to see what else Renee Carlino has in store for us. I’m hoping for a more redeemable heroine who doesn’t take quite as long to get a clue. 

I definitely recommend this. I’m sure there are others out there who didn’t dislike Mia as much as I did. In fact Will and all his amazingness makes up for it. 


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