Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Made From Greater Stone Tour Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway

Title: Made from Greater Stone
Author: RJ Simpkin
Release Date: July 8, 2013

Blurb ~  When graduate Olivia Bennett moves to Chicago she is thrust into a world sugar coated in feathers and crystals. This world is the world of Burlesque. It's during this time of discovery that she meets Nathan Stone, a handsome successful entrepreneur.

She finds herself drawn to him, in way she has never felt before. Convinced he is out of her league she tries to forget him. However Nathan has ideas of his own planned for the Burlesque starlet.

Olivia soon learns that her new life is not all rhinestones and sparkle. Nathan has skeletons in his closet; a dark past that threatens any future they may have together.

Exclusive Excerpt
Quick!" Mitzi says, he voice filled with excitement.
I turn back from the rail of clothing I had been perusing to see Mitzi looking through the front of the store window. "What’s up, who you looking at?" I ask.
"Oh my god Honey, can you not see the hottie over there!" She points, to a guy who is just leaving the coffee shop over the road. “He is gorrrrgeous!” she purrs.
I roll my eyes, this has to be at least the tenth 'hottie' she has seen on today’s shopping trip. As the latest 'hottie' gets into his car and drives away she returns her attention back to me, and gasps in horror, "Please don’t tell me you are even thinking about that dress in your hand Miss Honey Glaze!"
I stare down at the purple floral shift dress I had picked up."I thought it was kinda cute?" I say, now uncertain.
She shakes her head, before taking the dress out of my hand and quickly returning it to the rail."Honey, you are a Pearly Girl now. Who wants cute, always aim for sizzling hot!" she says, emphasizing the word hot. There is a glimmer of mischief in her eyes that makes me a little nervous. "Vintage doesn’t mean that you need to dress like your gran, far from it. Now let me show you how to shop vintage style!" She grabs my hand and drags me towards a corner section of the store, where a selection of delicate looking dresses are displayed. "Designer Vintage!" she beams, rubbing her palms together. "Oh girl, when I am done with you today we are off out to paint this town Burlesque red!"
We return back to Mitzi’s apartment some four hours later, weighed down by a mass of bags. If shopping were a sport, Mitzi would get a gold medal.
“Right Hon, now we got the clothes sorted, I am going to teach you all the tricks of the trade!” She nods her head towards her dressing table and the huge selection of makeup set out neatly on top. Oh boy, this could be a long night.
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