Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Safe Word Review

Book Review May 25 

Safe Word by: 

Teresa Mummert 

★ 1 Star 

Blurb:  When Colton ‘Colt’ Bishop enters a bar in New York City, he has a plan. His job is to find an easy target and take her back to his place for a few days. He is working his way up the crime ladder doing a job he never wanted.

Lily Hilton has it all, but is hiding from a troublesome past. When she enters a bar downtown, and runs into her old high school crush, her entire world is turned upside down. She is determined to make him notice her, but that plan may work better than she expects.

Colton does not hesitate to take Lily home and use her as his new pawn, but their past begins to catch up with them as their secrets unravel and he must decide what is more important to him, protecting Lily or himself.

I'm a huge fan of Teresa Mummert and has this bad boy on pre-order since day one. When I woke up one morning and it was on my kindle I wanted to scream for joy and jump off a building into a pool just because. Not too soon after starting I was struggling to contain myself. Nothing and I mean nothing about this book did I like. With a title like Safe Word and the Smokin' Hot Teasers we were getting before the release I thought this would be more along the lines of this... A bit more 50 Shades or Captive in the Dark...

I will say this for the book, I'm loving the cover, but other than that I was just not feelin' it at all...

Rather than rant and rave over how much I disliked this book I will use some GIF's to release my feelings!!

To start
The story is told from the male POV. Not usually an easy feat but considering the story stunk, the POV was on point. Colt has daddy issues to say the least. He was abused emotionally and had to watch his father beat his mother and her take it as a child. He blames his father for who he is now-
Then he is reunited with an old flame and kidnaps her while blaming her for making his childhood worse.
Why does he blame her? Because she left him without a word, never called, never wrote and he was ALONE… “She had destroyed who I was.”
Wow. Just wow. Like grow the hell up. Clearly she is not and was not the only one with issues.  According to him, he has grown in to man he is now getting over everyone and everything in his past. He’s no longer the “pussy-whipped little boy.”
As he keeps Rose locked in her little room with occasional free rain on the apt, he begins to sound like a whiney girl. She did this, she did that, she abandoned me…. Blah, blah, blah.
Eventually we hear from Rose and even her excuses for leaving were lame. I was hoping that maybe she was lying and there was some hidden meaning or hell witness protection in her background but no. She was ashamed…
Basically he’s a dick and she’s a dumbass. He wants to know how she could go on living while he thought she was dead. Then he tells her, “Don’t cry. It makes you look just as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside.” Nice, huh? I would have loved a nice attack scene here, I mean what kind of woman takes this shit, especially since she knows him. He goes on and on about wanting to break her.. Such redeeming qualities.

As it neared the end there was a sudden shift and suddenly he was in love. WTF??? I could not wrap my head around all this. His profession was not too hard to figure out and her returnign into his life "to help" him made me want to kill someone. They both have interesting qualities and facets of their pasts that make them attention-grabbing but at a certain point it becomes hard to care. Add to that the God-awful epilogue that though you want it to be over, will still leave you wondering if there's more and you missed something.

That’s Safe Word in a nutshell.

Overall this story was a thumbs down. I didn’t even get the whole erotic theme from it that everyone kept claiming it was. I mean sure there is sex, but how many other New Adult or even adult novels don’t have sex. And when there is sex, it’s not smoking or even happening a lot. Basically Safe Word I have this to say to you:
I’m not saying don’t read Safe Word, hell, you may love it. However, it was just not for me. I literally made myself finish this because I kept hoping it would redeem itself. And even after two weeks of reading it, I loathe it just as much. Teresa Mummert, I continue to love you but me and Safe Word were like a train wreck on repeat.


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