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Fallen Crest High Review

Book Review June 13

Fallen Crest High 
by: Tijan

★★★★★5 Stars 

Blurb ~ Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing. They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy. They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them. The problem is that she doesn't care at all: about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent's divorce. But maybe that's a good thing. Maybe change is a good thing.

Phenomenal. If I had to choose one word to describe this book, that would have to be the one. This book is literally amazing, like holding Gold. It sucks you in and holds so tight the End is like the loss of a loved one, putting it down may cause tears to erupt. If you couldn't tell I loved Fallen Crest High, hopefully my gushing has cemented the fact. This was my second time reading it and it only got better.  They may be in high school but they sure don’t act like it and when things turn hot, they literally BURN and SIZZLE. 

“Mason moved back and whispered as his lips teased my skin. “You’re going to ride me long and hard tonight.” It was what every girl wanted to hear.” - Sam and Mason

The title may make it seem like this is a YA novel and I’m sure there are those that would argue but I’m going to have to say this book is all New Adult. These kids are mature beyond their age because life has forced them to grow up and take care of themselves. The hard truth is the three of them (brothers Mason , Logan and their new step-sister Samantha) were not exactly the apple of their parents’ eye. Samantha’s mom is one crazy lady that’s for sure. How she can manipulate everyone around her and somehow get away with it is both disheartening and sad. Caring for themselves became a way of survival and being blunt, rude and sometimes an ass comes easy to them and protects them from any more hurt. They may be in high-school but trust me the drama these kids run around in is anything but immature or like what I've seen. Sure they may blow things up, party like rock stars and sleep around, but considering how absent everyone’s parents are and the shit life throws at them, I’d say these kids are the future of America!!! 

“You don’t care about anything. It’s your ammo. You don’t give a damn and no one can touch you because of it.”

Because this book is so Amaze-Balls and you should read it for yourself, I’ll try and give a simple run down to entice you…. These kids are crazy. Their home lives are anything but normal and though they may live in a mansion, attend high school and party like rock stars, they are still just young adults who are dealt more crap that most kids their age. Samantha’s mom decides to up and leave her father, dragging Samantha with her. The two move into her new beau’s house and Samantha realizes her new step-brothers are the talk of the town. Logan and Mason Samantha are hated and feared by the boys in town and fawned and worshiped by the females. Samantha seems to be the exception to that rule. In fact, most of the time her mask of indifference is blatantly obvious and she never lets anyone see her hurt. She hides all her pain and runs it away, I swear I lost weight just reading about her going on run and after run after run, her version of stress relief. Let’s just say there is quite a divide between Logan/Mason and Samantha after she moves in. She not only resents and slightly hates her mother for her behavior but she loathes her new brothers and all the drama that surrounds them. When most people would brag about living with them or get them in trouble Samantha does nothing. Literally. 

“I was so sick of hearing about the Kade brothers, either of them. And I tried to remember if it’d always been like this, but I had never cared.” - Samantha

Obviously, this indifferent attitude (at least towards Mason and Logan) shifts and the three become a unified triad. Not romantically (sad I know, but they are just in high school). Samantha just keeps getting bombs dropped on her regarding her life. Everything she knows and knew changes and there comes a point where even running for miles will do nothing to help. Mason is one hell of a band aid.
I actually really enjoyed watching Sam make new friends and ditch the old ones. Out with the old in with the new really applies here. However, even the new friends disappointed me such as Adam. He seemed like a decent guy but as soon as things go the other way he turns into a complete ass. And the way he treated his supposed friend and next door neighbor was sickening particularly when he’s got his hands down the pants of some chick with Becky sitting right there. Can we say EWWW. 

This is just one of those great books that you either love or hate. Most people would probably hate Logan, Mason and Samantha for being spoiled, ungrateful kids, but Fallen Crest High really tells their story and considering all the shit they've all suffered through, their parents are lucky this is as bad as they are. 

What to say beside LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE and LOVE this book. Wanted it to go on and on like a mini-series. And though I think that’s how the books will continue it’s refreshing that each book has a satisfying end even with anticipation for more, there is no cliff-hanger. When the Kade brothers decide to set their minds to something nothing stands in the way. Even a steal wall reinforced with an army behind it couldn't stop them. And oh, man when they tear in to somebody I swear my stomach got all knotted and I could almost feel it like a tangible thing. Poor suckers, everyone should know not to go against them. It was AWESOME!! Everything about this book is wild, crazy and out of control. The men are bold, hot and practically famous. Nothing can stop these three, especially when they are together and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.  (My only minor, small, measly complaint is the errors. There weren't too many, but enough for me to notice and start getting agitated.)


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