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Every Rose Review

Book Review June

Every Rose 

by: Lynetta Halat

4.5 Stars ★★★★☆

Blurb: What do you do when you realize you were foolish enough to throw away true, unconditional love?

Lorraina Dabney turns her back on her creativity and tumultuous upbringing to embark on a college career that will lead her to law school and to becoming what she values most in life—a controlled, powerful, respected woman. When she stumbles upon her childhood friend's artwork, she feels inspired to reconnect with him and her former self. This onslaught of emotion will send Lorraina in a tale-spin to figure out exactly why she abandoned all that she was, all that she could've been.

Coming from his own chaotic upbringing, Michael falls quickly and deeply in love with Lorraina at a tender age. Even her rejection can't stand in the way of his obsession. When she starts to date other boys, however, Michael finally relents, causing him to spiral further into a world filled with violence, drugs, alcohol, and women. Realizing this lifestyle will only lead to his further estrangement from Lorraina, Michael sets about to turn himself around before going to get his girl.

Michael Bang will have Lorraina questioning everything.


It is literally almost impossible for me to write this review. Why?? Considering it’s been a few days since I read Every Rose, one would think I’d have moved on. Well, you thought wrong. Every Rose is so amazing there are not enough adjectives to cover it’s amazingness in the dictionary. Every Rose is about rediscovering an old friend and an old romance and realizing what you thought you never wanted is exactly what you want and need. 

“Even the most beautiful flower, the rose, has the thorn that makes it imperfect.”-Michael
Lorraina (heroine and narrator) has a rocky childhood in which she met Michael, whom claimed at 15 that she would be his wife. All through school, Lorraina spurns Michael’s advances and instead calls him her best friend. Ten years later, Lorraina is ready to take it back and let Michael in now realizing he is and always has been her one true love and the one thing she needs in her life. 
The beginning of the story is ingenious because as Lorraina journals memories of her and Michael’s past, we get to see the beginning of them from their introduction to Michael’s HUGE crush. In ways Michael is like the crush we all had in school, only Michael is determined that no matter how long it takes Lorraina will be his. 

“I’ve always known that I loved Michael, but I’d managed to convince myself that it was a friendly, or even brotherly, love. The feelings that are threatening to consume me now are anything but platonic.“-Lorraina

Michael is the best and now my favorite book boyfriend ever. The best way to describe him is a reformed bad-boy who still sports tattoos, biker boots, has some anger issues but can serenade you till your clothes fall off.
I don’t want to say any more about it, in fact I refuse, because everyone needs to read Every Rose. It is a beautiful love story that will literally bring you to tears and make your heart smile. There were things that shocked me especially when it came to Michael, his beliefs and life but even more so was the connection these two shared even after spending ten years apart. In all that time Michael held out hope and tried to make himself a person worthy of his Lorraina. Let’s take an Awwww moment… Even Lorraina was a joy of a character because there’s at least one if not more endearing qualities everyone can relate to and once she decided Michael is what and who she wants, she lets nothing and no one stand in her way. Can’t fault her for that, trust me, we all need a little Michael in our lives….. 
*Beware minor spoiler below*
On a side note, there is something that happens in this book that will literally make you feel like your life is over. Somehow though (at least for me) I was able to keep going. Maybe it was the remarkable writing style of Lynetta Halat or perhaps just Lorraina herself, but somehow it works. I won’t admit to not wanting to throw things at first and shove my face into a pillow to sob but at the end of the day I could not discount how amazing every page in this book was and how happy, no, delighted I am to have read it.


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