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Chosen At Nightfall Review

Book Review April 27th

Chosen at Nightfall (Shadow Falls #5)

by: C.C. Hunter

★★★ 4 Stars

Blurb: Kylie Galen's life hasn't been the same since her world was turned upside-down in Born at Midnight, Shadow Falls #1, and now an epic conclusion to her journey—not to mention a tough choice between two guys!—is brewing in Chosen at Nightfall:

When Kylie Galen left Shadow Falls, she thought it was the hardest decision of her life. Heartbroken and separated from everyone she loves, she has to embrace her abilities and what it means to be a chameleon. But as Kylie's journey comes to a close, she must return to the camp that started it all...and she must finally chose between the two boys who love her. The werewolf who broke her heart when he chose his pack over her, and the half-fae who ran from their intense attraction before they ever really had a chance. For Kylie, everything will finally be revealed and nothing will ever be the same.

Overall I was expecting more from Chosen at Nightfall.
The last in the series should have all the questions answered, foes vanquished and truths revealed. Does that happen here? Well sort of. Most of the book is similar in setup to the previous four. Each page is a discovery of more of Kylie’s abilities and interactions between friends. Friends whom which help make the story what it is. That being said, when I found out a new series would be starting featuring Kylie’s friend Della I wasn’t all that impressed. I enjoyed the story, seeing Holiday again and her blossoming relationship with Burke was adorable especially with their little surprise on the way. Other than that most of the story felt a bit flat. I was engaged through the whole thing but nothing exciting or overly thrilling happens. Even the climax left me feeling let down. With all of Kylie’s newfound powers I was hoping she would put them to use and really leave us with a lasting impression of her but it’s all kind of boring and over and then your left wondering if that was what all the fuss was about. I’m sadly disappointed, even though I enjoyed the story and Kylie is always interesting to read about, even with her ridiculous boy attracting aura, it just didn’t seem to satisfactorily wrap up everything in my eyes. 
I was super excited to find out who Kylie would pick; the bad-boy werewolf (Lucas) or her kind-hearted fae friend (Derek). There’s not much mystery to this triangle once the book begins. Kylie knows already whom she wants and who is meant to be just her friend. But that does not stop her from pushing the other one away, really leaving the romantic aspect of the book to the very end.  

It was enjoyable to see all the camps’ attendees again, especially shape-shifter Perry who for some reason is always interesting to read about. Maybe because of the changes into the most interesting and awesome things, dragon anyone…

To me it just didn’t feel like the end. I didn’t feel enough stuff was resolved. Perhaps I’m too spoiled by epilogues that take place years in the future and give us a glimpse of the characters as they’ve grown more. Because Kylie is so young I think an epilogue would have worked wonders at the end of her journey. Now with a whole new series starting I feel jipped, even though I’m sure there is a lot more in store for Kylie, but it won’t be her story anymore and after all this time investing in the series I’d either prefer it continued through Kylie or ended a bit more satisfactorily. I highly recommend readers of the series to read this, it follows the same outline as the other four and Kylie’s abilities continue to be an interesting delight to read and will hopefully wrap things up for others, the way it left me dangling. As much as I was hoping to end the series with a bang, it was more like a casual stroll in the park.

 In the end it was all like

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