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Love Unscripted Review

Book Review March 18th

Love Unscripted 

by: Tina Reber

★★★★ 4 Stars

Synopsis: Ryan Christensen just wanted to be an actor. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that accepting a role in an unknown film would toss his career into overdrive. His new fame has cost him dearly; anonymity is no longer an option. His fans stalk him, the paparazzi hound him, and Hollywood studios all want a piece of him. Despite all of that, Ryan Christensen craves the most basic of human needs - to have love in his heart and privacy in his life.

Taryn Mitchell, the story's protagonist, is a realist. She's been feigning contentment, running the family pub in Seaport, Rhode Island, while quietly nursing her own internal heartaches. Her feet are fairly glued to the ground and she doesn't buy into all the hype that has descended on her tiny, coastal town. In her world, men are safe if they're kept at a distance.

Fate has other plans for these two when their paths cross one sunny afternoon. A group of female fans has attacked him, leaving his shirt torn, his face cut, and Ryan in obvious distress. Bonds between them form from the most dramatic of circumstances while jealousy, insecurity, and the stress of his celebrity life try to tear them apart.

*ARC Provided by NetGalley for an honest Review*

More often than not, books end too soon. We don't get enough time to KNOW the characters or get the feeling that their relationship is real. There’s no time for buildup. Well, Love Unscripted is that never-ending book you always wished for. Though I warn you, if you're like me, after the first 500 pages you'll start to worry if it will ever end. 

All that said, Love Unscripted was a great story. The relationship with Taryn and Ryan was beautifully written and the evolution of it was an uphill battle. I give Taryn so much credit for dating the Hollywood “IT” actor and still try and maintain her own mundane existence.

“You made my heart beat again.” – Ryan

What I Liked
Taryn’s friends. What a circle of people she has surrounding her. You can feel the love they all have for her and it makes sense with the giving/nurturing type of person she is. Even her friend’s husbands watch out for her.

Taryn’s bar was the perfect setting. It helped represent her as a character and give her a purpose. She puts so much work into her job and her place of business it’s too bad we all can’t stop in for a visit.

The storyline and plot was extremely believable. The realism that plays through is extremely refreshing. Ryan is a high profile star and everyone loves him, at least the looks of him. At times it was like an inside look into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. You can’t help but wonder how and why so many stars put up with all this drama. Screaming obsessed fans, paparazzi, spoiled co-stars etc.  Having a normal life is out of the question, hell, even going to buy coffee is not something Ryan can do.

I loved how Ryan and Taryn met. And the fact that she essentially had to rescue him.

Taryn is a remarkable character. She’s strong, brave, powerful and not at all influenced by the glitz or glamour of Hollywood. She could care less. She is extremely proud of her families bar and considering she is always working, fixing or thinking about it you can tell it’s what she’s meant to be doing.

I’m excited there is a part two but I’m not rushing to read it. This book was so long I need an interim to prepare.

What I Didn’t Like
It was about 100 pages too long for me.

I was let down by the action scene in the end. The buildup was unique and believable, even when Taryn did not stop to question it all. It was obvious who the bad guy was going to be and it just wasn’t as exciting as I hoped. Even the characters seemed rather blasé about it all after the fact.

The constant whining from both Ryan and Taryn about being together or not, sometimes it kept repeating and repeating.  

I was extremely angry when Ryan told Taryn that she pretty much had to deal with the press and their lies. That there would be times that his publicist would publish false information just for a boost in ticket sales. Ugh, hello!!! WTF. He doesn’t like to read garbage about Taryn in the press (even though she’s only in it because of him) but expects her to be okay with lies potentially about him and other women. Oh No!!!

I loathed his co-stars and fans. I mean I’ve always had a Hollywood crush but there are limits to the ways us women should degrade ourselves. Ryan’s fans are by far some of the worst.

I don’t feel the whole stalker situation was resolved. Aside from Kyle, whom I actually really liked, till he too, joined the dark side.

Romance fans, movie-star fans and suspense fans, this book is for you. There is no insta-love here but the love that does grow between Taryn and Ryan has that Lifetime movie, for all time effect that will certainly make you jealous and add Ryan to your long list of book boyfriends. Would recommend this to everyone in need of a REAL Love story.

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