Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Book Boyfriends

Valentines Day

Feb. 14th

 (Or as I like to call it : Happy Blood Massacre Day!!)


 If you're single today and still looking for some love. Well, look now further, here are some book boyfriends you can sink your teeth into for V-Day. Grrrr!!!


Romance to Die For

  1. Will in Slammed
  2. Andrew in The Edge of Never
  3. Hardy in Fragile
  4. Travis in Beautiful Disaster
  5. Lucas in Easy

And a few more with a bit more drama and action..

  1. Cameron in Crow's Row
  2.  Alex in Perfect Chemistry 
  3. Henry in Heart on a Chain
  4. Carmine in Sempre
  5. Daemon in Obsidian

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