Thursday, February 21, 2013

This New Adult Genre

All YA with a bit more Mature material :)

Watch Dateline tonight for more info..

If you're over 18 and like your books with a little spice (more than regular YA Fiction offers), than this new craze known as New Adult is for you. Basically all the things we love about regular YA Fiction with more graphic details like sex, drugs and profanity typically in a college setting or with college aged characters.

Tonight on the ABC show Nightline, some of the best authors in this new genre will be featured. Such as Colleen Hoover, Cora Carmarck, E.L. James and more...

More information: ABC Nightline


Be sure to check it out...
I'll try to include a link once the show airs. 

Some New Adult examples:

 P.S. I was shocked that Slammed started as a self-published book. And what a book it was!! Good job Colleen Hoover....


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