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Taking Chances Review

Book Review Feb. 10th

Taking Chances 

Taking Chances by: Molly McAdams

★ 4 Stars

There are so many mixed reviews for this book I'm not even going to include a blurb. This is my third time reading this book and I swear even though it breaks my heart and makes me leak like a damn, I love it even more each time.
In many ways, Taking Chances is a mixture of many other Mature Ya books out there. But none of them have Chase and Brandon in them.
Harper is not your average college freshman. She lived her entire life on a military base with the strictest of fathers and was constantly surrounded by guys, whom she could, obviously, not form any relationship with aside from friendship.
Harper gets stuck with the best roommate for her. One that helps her finally experience the world without an overbearing father looking over her shoulder. Harper wants to experience the world and try new things, she does not go overboard with this too much and considering she's never been kissed or on a date, at times she does move a tad quickly.
Chase makes it so impossible for Harper to not like him. He is delicious and knows just how to taunt her with his bad-boy ways. Brandon is the complete opposite, or at least he looks that way on the outside. He is overachieving student and the sweetest guy, one who does not hold a grudge or belittle anyone. Of course he is a fighter so I can't say he doesn't let his anger get the better of him, but what's hotter than a hot guy coming to your rescue.
Now, I warn you, there is a scene in this book that changes everything. It will seriously break your heart and make you want to give up. But I assure you, don't. 
In many ways this book is hard to read because of how realistic it is. Face it, life sucks, shit happens and at the end of the day all we can do is move on. It's how we deal with, react and remember these times that help define us. Harper not only found a great friend in Bree but in Bree's family as well.  She is welcomed into a world where parents care about their children and actually talk with them, unlike her father whom she calls, 'sir' that barely acknowledges her at all. 
Taking Chances will stick with you long after you read it. You will laugh, cry and cry some more but at the end of the day you will feel different. Something about this book will change you and you will not regret it. It becomes bittersweet and like a Shakespearean tragedy, one you will not forget. 

Also there is a book called Stealing Harper, coming out sometime this year, that is Taking Chances from Chase's POV.

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