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A Different Kind of Fairy Tale Review

Book Review Feb. 17th

A Different Kind of Fairy Tale

(Spring Towers #1)

by: Morgan Rayne


Stella and Alex have been best friends since Stella moved into Spring Towers three years ago. Alex reminded himself time and again Stella was just one of the guys. Until she needs an immediate boyfriend, when her ex shows up engaged to the woman he cheated on her with. He gladly steps in and hopes Stella will feel the sparks between them. Can their friendship survive their roles.

★★ 4 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. This was a very simple and easy read. Stella and Alex are so wary of ruining their friendship and thinking their feelings are one-sided that much of the book is them fighting their attraction. It's fun to be an outside viewer in their relationship because they work so well as friends and neighbors. 

Stella is a tomboy with a capital "T." She loves football, greasy chicken wings and her outfit of choice is easily a T-shirt and jeans.  The simple fact that her male friends are afraid of her when she's watching a game, really made her special. Stella likes to throw things at the TV and really test her vocabulary when ranting about a bad play or bad call.

Stella is a very strong character and one who learned, and is still trying to learn, from the mistakes of her parents.  Her sister is awesome and always has her back even when she's in the wrong. (Can't wait to read her story in book 3).

There are a few minor spelling errors that made me pause, get angry, then move on. But the biggest flaw in my eyes was the characters lack of communication. They can go on and on about how honesty and trust is the key to a relationship but when they hit that tiny bump in the road, everyone seems to lose their sense and run rather than communicate. Even Kyle, the proclaimed man-whore, and Alex's best friend realizes that everything is not okay. He tries his best to help and though they do get their HEA, Kyle really deserves one too.


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